Talk about a massive game-changing patch.

Dota 2 Patch 7.36 has arrived ladies and gentlemen. The patch brings a whole new aspect to the game with the introduction of two new mechanics. Not to mention the countless hero, item and quality of life changes. The 7.36 patch is absolutely massive, and there an be a lot to go through. But fret not, as we are here to break down the major changes and provide an overview of Dota 2 patch 7.36.

The New Innate Abilities and Hero Facets

The biggest change of the 7.36 Patch for Dota 2 is the introduction of Innate Abilities and Hero Facets. These two new mechanics are about to revolutionize the game, just like when talent trees were introduced.

Innate Abilities are abilities that are pre-leveled at the start of the game, and every hero has a unique innate ability. There are two types of innate abilities, ones that upgrade a hero ability to have five levels and get a free ability point at level 1. For example, Weaver now has Geminate attack as it's innate ability, which means it now has five levels to it and the bug starts with it at level one.

The other type of Innate ability grants the hero a unique effect. For example, Marci's innate ability introduced in the 7.36 Dota 2 patch provides allied couriers with 3 bonus levels and one bonus health. So courier hunting bounty hunters and Nature's Prophets beware!

On the other hand, there are Hero Facets. This new mechanic is just like another talent tree. However, with facets, there are only two options that are given to the player before the match begins, during Strategy time. Once selected, players won't be able to change their Facet. For example there's Luna, who has either Lunar Orbit or Moonstorm Facets. Lunar orbit provides Luna with damage reduction while moon glaives are actives. While Moonstorm changes Lucent Beam to give attack damage for every enemy hero hit by a Lucent Beam for 15 seconds.

General Changes of Patch 7.36

Before we dive into the mass amounts of hero and items changes featured in Dota 2 patch 7.36, there are important changes categorized as "other". Although they are categorized as other, they are quite significant changes to Dota 2 but fall outside the realm of hero or item changes. So, here are the biggest changes from the other category:

  • The Glyph of Fortification now does NOT refresh when the first Tier 3 tower is destroyed. Rather it refreshes when the first Melee Barracks falls.
  • Hero Denies now grant experience to the hero who created the deniable debuff.
  • Spell's Cast Range is now always listed with the new icon, which is located near Mana Costs and Cooldown
  • For all the Dota Plus users, experience gain from Abilities and Wisdom Runes will now show up separately in the post-game XP Breakdown.

7.36 Patch also includes two new Dota 2 Labs features

Also included are two new Dota Labs features, which are quite the pleasant surprise!

  • Persistent Range Indicators: If you hold Alt while right-clicking on either your experience indicator, attack range indicator, or an ability/item, the game will draw a persistent range indicator in the world for it. So long story short, you can automatically see the cast range of your spells!
  • Dynamic Health Bar Focus: The health bar of any hovered unit will always draw on top of other health bars.

Item Changes of 7.36

There aren't too many item changes in Dota 2's 7.36 Patch. The main focus is mainly on the Sange, Yasha and Kaya items. With of course some changes to other items and most importantly a rework to everyone's favorite and most used item: Roshan's banner. So, let's break them down:

  • Roshan's Banner: Now grants invulnerability to all allied lane creeps in it's radius for it's duration (two minutes).
  • Sange: Now costs 2100 gold and provides +20% Slow Resistance rather than Status Resistance.
  • Yasha: Now costs 2100 gold to match Sange.
  • Kaya: Now costs 2100 gold to match Sange.
  • Ogre Seal Totem: Ogre Seal Flop now plays a flail animation while hero is jumping. (The absolute best change of the entire 7.36 patch).
  • Sange and Yasha: Total cost to 4200 and provides +25% Slow Resistance
  • Yasha and Kaya: Total cost to 4200 and provides +25% Cast Speed Bonus
  • Kaya and Sange: Total cost to 4200 and provides +25% Slow Resistance and +25% Mana Cost/Mana Loss Reduction

Notable Hero changes of the patch

And now we get to the bulk of the 7.36 Dota 2 patch. Each and every hero got both a Facit and an Innate ability. Which means that the base hero also got some changes. So here are some highlights of the hero changes for the 7.36 Patch. You can check out the full patch here.

  • Ancient Apparition: AA got an entire rework with it's new Innate ability. Now each of his abilities adds stacks of Death Rime, which apply frost stacks that deal damage and slow for each stack.
  • Axe: Both his Facets are amazing, with one making Axe insanely tanky while the other empowers his spins and taunts. Not to mention the swap of the Aghanim scepter and shard.
  • Chen: With his new Summon Convert Innate ability, Chen retakes the throne as the zoo king. Not to mention the buffs to all his spells. The most notable of which is Holy Persuasion's health increase set to 400 + 50 x Chen's Level
  • Gyrocopter: The combination of both Facets either massively upgrades Call Down or make Gyro a speed demon with Rocket Barrage. Not to mention the fact that Gyro can disassemble most items with their new Innate ability.
  • Invoker: Buffs all around. Now gets 15% of the exp when he denies. Both facets upgrade Quas, Wex and Exort in two unique ways and got cooldwon reduction on everything.
  • Pangolier: Somehow managed to get nerfed again. With nerfs to Swashbuckle and Rolling Thunder. However, his Facets and Innate abilities are quite interesting.
  • Sand King: Got quite the unique change. Now no longer invisible in Sand Storm, a new AOE ability and buffs to Epicenter and Burrowstrike. All pretty fitting for the Desserts of the Druid Crownfall.

There are a ton more incredible changes featured in Dota 2's 7.36 Patch. Be sure to hop on Dota 2 and find out yourself about all the changes.

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