The 2022 Collector’s Cache treasure is here, with 80% less Marci than expected, and some truly incredibly sets!

The wait is over, the votes have been counted, and you have your 2020 Collector’s Cache. The Diretide Collector’s Cache 2022 was released on the evening of November 22nd, dropping 18 new sets into a single treasure.

As voted by the community, these 18 sets include community designed creations. Logging-in to the client, you’ll be greeted by a message telling you how many of the sets you voted for of those that made it in. 

And sorry weeb Marci fans — there’s nothing too egregious here. Only the Blue Horizons Marci set made it in, and it’s probably the tamest one submitted. Overall, there are some gorgeous sets that made it in though. And Valve probably made the right choice making that absolutely stunning Tiny set as the Ultra Rare. Honestly, it’s one of the best sets ever made for the diminutive rock monster.

All Collector’s Cache 2022 sets

Below we’ve listed all the Collector’s Cache 2022 sets available:


Young Snapfire?! The Whippersnapper set is good enough to be a Persona! (Screenshot by
Young Snapfire?! The Whippersnapper set is good enough to be a Persona! (Screenshot by
  • Hoodwink – Shadowleaf Insurgent
  • Riki – Scarlet Subversion
  • Snapfire – Whippersnapper
  • Chen – Hounds of Obsession
  • Clockwerk – Seadog’s Stash
  • Dawnbreaker – Starlorn Adjudicator
  • Spectre – Spoils of the Shadowveil
  • Faceless Void –  Chines of the Inquisitor
  • Ursa – Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt
  • Phoenix – Crimson Dawn
  • Terrorblade – Forgotten Station
  • Undying – Dirge Amplifier
  • Monkey King – Champion of the Lotus
  • Witch Doctor – Deathstitch Shaman


Perhaps the tamest Marci set submitted, Blue Horizons (Screenshot by
Perhaps the tamest Marci set submitted, Blue Horizons (Screenshot by
  • Marci – Blue Horizons
  • Invoker – Angel of Vex

Very Rare 

The bestial Dark Behemoth Primal Beast set (Screenshot by
The bestial Dark Behemoth Primal Beast set (Screenshot by
  • Primal Beast – Dark Behemoth

Ultra Rare

Astral Origins Tiny (Screenshot by
Astral Origins Tiny (Screenshot by
  • Tiny – Astral Origins

Getting your hands on the Collector’s Cache 2022

The whole Diretide Collector's Cache 2022 (Screenshot by
The whole Diretide Collector’s Cache 2022 (Screenshot by

The Collector’s Cache 2022 treasure is available for $2.49 with local pricing in effect. It’s on sale until December 18th, so grab it while you can. All of the items in the set are untradeable and unmarketable, except for the Ultra Rare Tiny set, which we expect to sell for a small fortune. Grab it today, and potentially pay for your Holidays with one item. But only if you roll the Tiny that is!

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