Brame’s insane Divine Rapier comeback shook Secret, securing another DPC win cover image

Brame’s insane Divine Rapier comeback shook Secret, securing another DPC win

The Dota 2 community was shaken by Brame’s Divine Rapier comeback which had destroyed a dominating Team Secret.

The latest match of Western European (WEU) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) witnessed a gruesome series between Team Secret and Brame Esports. Following Team Liquid's upset against Entity, the audience saw another victory for the underdogs of the league.

What seemed to be a smooth 2-0 for Team Secret quickly flipped as Brame delivered a squeaky comeback into the series. Jaws dropped and hands raised in defeat. Team Secret was definitely not expecting that. Here's what happened throughout the brutal series.

A surprise Divine Rapier stopped Team Secret from sweeping Brame

The Greek lineup didn't have a good start to the matchup. Brame couldn't answer the wild initiations from Axe and a Wraith King mercilessly annihilating them. The game ended with a kill score of 43-13 in favor of Secret.

Game 1 witnessed a convincing win for Team Secret
Game 1 witnessed a convincing win for Team Secret

The next game, was where it got more interesting. It was a fairly even game with both sides trading kills and getting objectives. Brame had an upper hand when it came to the carry vs carry matchup as they picked an Anti-Mage against the Medusa. However, Secret managed to completely shut down the AM. With a lineup of stuns and silences, the AM suffered and slowly, the net worth grew in Secret's favor.

But the game dragged on and it was time for some late-game action. And we all know that when the timer hits the late-game.. anything can happen despite all odds.

SumaiL's Medusa leads the late-game net worth by a huge gap - Game 2 of Brame vs Secret
SumaiL's Medusa leads the late-game net worth by a huge gap - Game 2 of Brame vs Secret

As Brame lost teamfight after teamfight, it was clear that Brame needed to find another way. And they opted for the pesky rat dota, or in other words, split-pushing. While Team Secret was demolishing their base, Brame made a calculated move.

The Anti-Mage sold his Battle Fury and Butterfly to buy an Assault Cuirass and a Divine Rapier. With both teams pushing at the same time, Secret showcased miscalculation. The AM successfully destroyed their throne in a flash. Secret was certainly devastated and SumaiL was seen dumbfounded by the loss.

Brame rode the momentum to close the series in their favor with a brilliant performance.

SsaSpartan talks about the Divine Rapier comeback

The audience was ecstatic by the series and it was hands-down one of the best ones we have seen this year. The official broadcast did not hold an interview session with Brame as they were behind schedule. Fortunately, Austin "Cap" Walsh took his time to record an interview with the captain of Brame, Giorgos "SsaSpartan" Giannakopoulos who had a wide smile on his face.

In regards to the final moments of Game 2, SSASpartan said that they had a 5-10 minutes conversation to come up with a plan.

"There was a conversation like we need to do something. I was talking about cancelling TPs and Thug was saying we split push a lot."

To gain that maximum building damage, him and Thug suggested for the AM to swap items.

"Thug suggested to build [Assault] Cuirass and me and Thug suggested to build Divine [Rapier], and to sell the Battle Fury. He sold the Battle Fury to buy Divine. [The enemy] can't really go because it's bad for them and we just went to the lane from the other side."

Anti-Mage's item swap, getting an <br>Assault Cuirass and a Divine Rapier
Anti-Mage's item swap, getting an
Assault Cuirass and a Divine Rapier

After the match ended, SsaSpartan told how his team trolled their coach and managers, who were spectating the game with a delay.

"They were downstairs and they were watching on the big TV. Me and Thug [went] down [looking] very sad. We just walked really slow and sad. And we said 'we lost' and they were very sad. When the throne dies they went crazy!" he said. "It was a great moment."

The underdogs of WEU DPC continue to flourish

The Brame vs Secret series marked the start of WEU DPC's Week 4. The results are on the horizon and the Stockholm Major participants will soon be confirmed. Currently, the standings seem to favor dark horses and underdogs. Gaimin Gladiators is undefeated and newbloods OG sit at the 2nd spot. On the other hand, powerhouses like Nigma Galaxy and Team Secret sit at the bottom of the ranks.

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