PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major playoffs to kick off with NiP and FaZe match cover image

PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major playoffs to kick off with NiP and FaZe match

The Playoffs are here!

The PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major is down to its last eight teams. Heroic, FURIA and Copenhagen Flames became the last three teams to qualify for the Champions stage. PGL announced the playoffs bracket and we have some exciting elimination matches ahead. Here’s what the CS: GO Major playoffs look like. 

The CS: GO Anwerp Major has seen the best teams from across the world come together to compete on the biggest stage. At stake is not only $2 million but also the prestige of securing the title of the world’s best CS: GO teams. There are so many storylines at work here, including the dream Brazilian Imperial run, FaZe Clan’s rise to the tpo, Navi defending its title and more. There have been a few teams whose run was cut short, so we won’t see G2’s mONESY in the Major playoffs. Nor will we see the start-studded Team Vitality roster that has been making waves throughout the scene.

PGL CS: GO Major Playoffs Bracket

PGL Major Champions Stage kicks off on 19th May with NiP and FaZe Clan facing off against each other. THere’s no Dev1ce on NiP and FaZe is looking to win its first CS: GO Major after letting one slp through its fingers a few years ago. That Boston Major debacle also gave North America its first and only CS: GO Major win. 

Here are the matchups for the PGL Major Champions Stage:

  • NiP vs FaZe Clan
  • Team Spirit vs FURIA
  • ENCE vs Copenhagen Flames
  • Navi vs Heroic

The CS: GO Major playoffs will take place at the Antwerps Sportpaleis venue. With a capacity of nearly 24,000, this venue will see a live audience supporting their teams. Pro players on stage will undoubtedly experience the rush of their fans cheering them on and hyping up exciting plays in the game.

When do the PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major playoffs begin?

The PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major playoffs will begin on May 19 after the teams get a day’s break. The playoffs feature a single-elimination best-of-three format.

The CS: GO Major Grand Finals take place on May 22nd with a Bo3 series to determine the world champion. CS: GO fans can keep track of all the live scores here.

Featured image Credit: PGL.

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