Heroic eliminate Vitality to secure top 8 at PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major cover image

Heroic eliminate Vitality to secure top 8 at PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major

An early elimination for the French+Danish roster. But they will come back stronger.

Very few CS: GO fans expected to see a Heroic vs Vitality elimination match in the New Legends Stage. The PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major has been extremely competitive with several upsets and more teams showing their potential on the big stage. Heroic vs Vitality was an afterproduct of several teams stepping up when it matters the most.

Heroic defeat Vitality to secure PGL Antwerp Major playoffs spot

Vitality picked Mirage as their map of choice. The map was a disaster for the French. There really is nothing to talk about their T side which saw them only win 2 rounds. Coming from a 13-2 half is nearly impossible on a non-Nuke map. Heroic dominated the first map and won Mirage with a 16-7 scoreline. 

The second map, Heroic’s choice was Overpass. René "⁠TeSeS⁠" Madsen started the map with four kills on the pistol round. Heroic capitalized on this early start to win the first four rounds. The two teams traded a couple of rounds before Vitality managed to string together five of their own. Heroic won the final two rounds in the first half to close the half with a 8-7 score.Vitality marched ahead to a 13-9 lead after some dominant performances on the T side.

The French, however, had to face the Danish challenge as Heroic stepped up their defensive game. Winning quite a few rounds towards the end, Heroic managed to get the score to a 14-15 scoreline. The final round saw Kévin "⁠misutaaa⁠" Rabier get three kills to close out the map and tie the series. 

The series went to Inferno, which more often than not happens to be the decider in almost all the series. Bringing back Mirage memories, Heroic started with a 10-2 dominating performance. Vitality closed the first half with a 5-10 score, significantly better than their Mirage performance. However, trailing 5-10 and losing the pistol is always a tough road to travel. Heroic won the next few rounds after the pistol to bring the score to 14-5, and ultimately it was only a matter of time before Heroic sealed the deal.

With 83 kills across the three maps, a 106.5 ADR, Martin "stavn" Lund was the best player on the server. Ofcourse, he had the support of his teammates, especially Sjuush on more than one maps. 

Vitality - Back to the Drawing board

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Image Credit: Team Vitality.

The Vitality CS: GO roster is still new, although it includes some of the biggest names in the game. The star-studded roster has a superstar coach in Zonic and expectations were high from this team. Despite their poor form coming into the Major, a playoffs berth for Vitality would not have come as a massive surprise to many. 

Vitality will now have to focus on improving their game as they prepare for the next few tournaments.

With this victory, Heroic have secured a top eight placement at the PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major.

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