MONESY claims controversial Mirage mid window smoke allowed by admins cover image

MONESY claims controversial Mirage mid window smoke allowed by admins

Here’s everything you need to know about the one-way Mirage window smoke lineup.

A new bug in the game has had the CS: GO community divided. G2 esports’ Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov repeatedly used a smoke lineup on Mirage during a match against Imperial esports that allows him to see use an unfair advantage against his opponents. The community’s reaction has been divided with some calling for action against G2, while others are of the opinion a bug that is in the game should be allowed. Here's everything you need to know about the lineup and whether it's allowed at the Major.

When did mONESY use the Window Mirage smoke?

When a CS: GO fan spotted the use of the smoke at the Major, a large part of the community felt it should not be allowed at the Major. The smoke has a small gap on the CT side window at Mid Mirage. This gap allows the player at the CT mid window to see clearly top mid. Meanwhile the terrorist players can not see anything and are at a huge disadvantage. 

G2 esports wnt undfeated in the New Challengers stage at the PGL CS: GO Antwerp Major. They defeated Team Liquid, Furia and ENCE to qualify for the New Legends stage. 

The 17-year-old CS: GO prodigy has used this smoke lineup in both the New Legends games so far. A CS: GO fan posted a clip of the smoke usage in the match against Imperial. MONESY used the smoke in the third round and was able to get a couple of kills, completely shutting down Imperial esports’ plan for the round. 

Twitter user IceColdXO also posted a reply, showing how Monesy used the same smoke lineup to get G2 to overtime against Navi in the previous match. Staring at a map loss after a lightning fast clutch by Navi’s S1mple put Navi on map point. 

The one-way smoke meant Monesy could do a lot of damage at mid with the enemy players square in his crosshair. He got Boombi4 down to 20HP, which definitely had an impact in the round. G2 won that final round to take the map to overtime. They lost to Navi 17-19.

How does mONESY's Mirage window smoke work?

The smoke requires a precise lineup and some practice. But if you are able to master the smoke, it has a lot of advantages for your team. It gives you uninterrupted vision at mid Mirage, although there are some risks associated with it. This video excellently explains how the smoke works and also provides a few suggestions to counter the smoke.

Even if you don't get kills using the smoke, the fear of the CTs abusing the one-way smoke instills fear in the terrorist players.

There are a few counter smoke lineups that the terrorists can do, however, there's no smoke that is 100% foolproof.

Is the Smoke Allowed at the Major?

mONESY's has been one of the star in G2's performance so far at the CS: GO Major. Image Credit: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">PGL</a>.
mONESY's has been one of the star in G2's performance so far at the CS: GO Major. Image Credit: PGL.

In response to the videos posted on Twitter, Monesy confirmed the RMR admins allowed the use of this specific smoke. We're still not sure if this smoke is a bug abuse as the smoke blooms on a small ledge that is clearly visible in-game.

It might look overpowered, but since the admins have allowed it, MOnesy is clear to use the Mirage smoke at the PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major. 

That being said, this smoke is now public knowledge and the opponents will most likely pre-fire to get a kill on you, even though they can’t see the CT player.

Fnatic abused a pixel boost on Overpass several years ago in 2013, which gave them a massive advantage in a Major elimination match. The pixel boost was later deemed illegal and the match was to be replayed. Fnatic forfeited teh match, giving the French team, LDLC their first qualification to a CSGO Major.

PGL releases statement on mONESY's smoke lineup

PGL has announced it will allow the smoke going forward at the Major.

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