The CSGO teams at the Major have unanimously decided not to use the smoke bug.

PGL has announced it will allow the controversial one-way smoke at the CS: GO Major. The one-way smoke used by G2’s mONESY on multiple rounds in more than one match in Antwerp. The smoke has caused quite a bit of controversy with the community divided on its status at the Major. 

PGL’s decision on the CSGO smoke usage.

“We are using the latest client version of CS: GO, and we will allow the smoke going forward,” said PGL in a tweet.

PGL’s decision to allow the smoke has drawn a lot of reactions from the community including sharp criticism from several players. The CS: GO Antwerp Major is currently in its Legends stage which features the top 16 teams from around the world.

Pro Players react: Shock and Ridicule

Players reach unanimous decision not to use smoke bug mechanics

Styko representing G2 has announced that pro players including G2 esports have come to a decision not to use the smoke at the CS: GO Major. This decision comes despite PGL allowing the smoke usage at the CSGO Major.

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