A disappointing result for one of the best CS: GO teams in the world. G2 are now out of the IEM Rio Major.

No matter how much you’ve achieved in your career, for a professional CS: GO player, the Valve Majors are the Holy Grail. Every year, there are two CS: GO Majors and the team that wins the Major has its name etched in CS: GO history. The fans remember the winners, the losers, not so much. After their EU RMR loss, G2 NiKo took expressed his disappointment on not making it to the IEM Rio Major.

Yesterday, the EU RMR events threw up two massive upsets when Astralis and G2 failed to make it to the Rio Major. Fnatic, thankfully survived for one more day and they will have another opportunity to qualify for the Major in their next match.

11 conseucutive Major streak broken

After having attended 11 consecutive CS: GO Majors, NiKo will not be going to Brazil for the upcoming Major. After a top 4 finish at ESL Pro League Season 16, G2 esports were one of the favorites for the upcoming Major. But they have failed to even qualify for the upcoming Major, one of the biggest upsets of the EU RMR event.

Following their elimination from the Major, G2 NiKo and his teammates were visibly upset. 

G2 faced off against GamerLegion in the Round 4 low matches. The team started off strong with a 16-3 win on Vertigo. Things looked good for G2 fans and they were extremely hopeful of an easy victory. However, the next two maps did not go as planned. GamerLegion won Mirage (16-4) and Inferno (16-12) to win the series.

I tried to write something, I tried to record something to explain myself, but I don’t really know what to say. I lost many important finals, but I've never felt this empty and this much pain. Do not take things for granted in life. Never feel satisfied. Always try to do better.

In a subsequent tweet, NiKo had more emphasis on his feelings and how the elimination made him feel.

With no presence at the Major, G2 esports will now have a period of no official matches. As most of the other Tier 1 teams will travel to Brazil, to play in front of one of the most energetic crowds in CS: GO, G2 players will be watching the matches at home. 

This will probably be the 2 toughest months in my career, you can hate all you want, it’s well deserved. But you won’t see me give up. That I can promise.

G2 NiKo on not making it to IEM Rio Major

A disappointing result for all G2 players

The rest of the squad also took to social media to express their disappointment. Not making it ot the Major is a big blow to the org’s CS: GO presence. Having not made it to the Valorant franchising recently, with the former G2 CEO Carlos’ tweet showing him partying with Andrew Tate being put forth as one of the reasons, G2’s recent losses in CS: GO is sure to leave a bad taste for their fans.