GauLes fan fest at IEM Rio Major to showcase Brazilian CS: GO craze cover image

GauLes fan fest at IEM Rio Major to showcase Brazilian CS: GO craze


ESL will also release additional tickets for the main event on September 14.

Acknowledging the passionate Brazilian fanbase, ESL has expanded its IEM Rio Major offering. The tournament will now feature a live audience throughout the entirety of the event, only the second CS: GO Major to do so. This offering will give Brazilian CS: GO fans an opportunity to witness their favorite teams live in action.

The IEM Rio Major is set to take place from October 31 to November 13 and will feature the best CS: GO teams out there. Taking place in Rio, Brazil, a region with a massive fanbase, expectations are high from this Major.

“Over the past months we’ve been positively overwhelmed by the insane enthusiasm of fans in Brazil and beyond, and we’re thrilled to show the full potential of what esports can do and be,” said Shaun Clark, Director, Product Management at ESL FACEIT Group. “To bolster the IEM Rio CS:GO Major to this scale is an amazing and unique opportunity and we can’t wait to show all this passion and ambition together with the fans, our partners, and the teams from all around the globe.”

This announcement comes after a massive push by the Brazilian CS: GO community, the majority of which could not find its hands on the Major tickets. With pro players such a FalleN also joining the chorus to shift the venue to a stadium with significantly more capacity than the current venue, ESL decided to open up more days for the public to attend. 
The StarLadder Major Cluj-Napoca also sold a few tickets for the initial stages, but the event turnout was quite low. Expectations for ESL Rio Major are significantly higher especially considering the massive local interest in attending the tournament. 

The IEM Fan Fest with Gaules

Additionally, ESL also announced the IEM Fan Fest with Alexandre "gAuLeS" Borba that will take place from Nov 10-13. Gaules is one of the biggest CS: GO streamers and by far the biggest in Brazil. His presence is sure to draw massive amounts of engagement and crowds at the event.
There will be Meet and Greets as well as several signing sessions at the event where we can expect several players to come and greet their Brazilian fans. 

ESL expands Jeunesse Arena capacity

And finally, ESL has also announced more tickets will be available at the Jeunesse Arena soon. The organizer has added a center stage to the event, adding more capacity to the event.
This gives fans wanting to view the latter stages of the event an opportunity to still do so. 
The tickets for the Challengers Stage and the Legends stage at the Ricocentro as well as the additional tickets for the Jeunesse Arena will go live on September 14 at 1500 BRT. The ticket prices range from R$69 to R$449.
Finally, the IEM Fan Fest tickets will be available starting September 15 at 1500 BRT with prices from R$29 to R$99. 
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