2022 Valorant World Champions LOUD headlines the 30 Franchise Teams that will be taking part in the 2023 VCT Season.

The wait is finally over as Riot Games have revealed all 30 teams who will be participating in the new Franchised League for the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour.

All 30 Teams participating in VCT 2023 Season

The upcoming season will mark a new chapter within Valorant Esports as Riot prepares to embark into the world of Franchised Leagues. This highly anticipated announcement comes to us via the Valorant Esports Twitter as well as on the Valorant Esports website.

An image showcasing all 30 Franchise Teams for the 2023 VCT Season

As stated earlier there will be a total of 30 teams participating in the upcoming 2023 VCT season, in a format similar to the one Riot uses for League of Legends. These 30 franchises will be split into three regional leagues. They are the Americas League, which features five teams from North America and five from South America. The EMEA League which features teams from all across Europe. And finally we have the Pacific League which features 10 teams selected from Korea, Japan, and the greater APAC region.

Americas League

The Americas league is made up of 5 teams from North America, as well 5 teams from South America (Brazil & Latin America). It features the likes of the 2022 World Champions LOUD, Sentinels, 100Thieves & Cloud9. These 10 Teams will be playing their league matches in Los Angeles, USA. Here is a list of the 10 EMEA Teams selected for the VCT 2023 Season.

  • 100Thieves
  • Sentinels
  • Cloud9
  • Evil Geniuses
  • NRG
  • LOUD
  • Furia
  • MIBR
  • Kru
  • Leviatán

EMEA League

The EMEA League features the likes of European heavyweights Fnatic and Team Liquid, as well as other longtime VCT participants in Natus Vincere and BBL. All of their league matches will be taking place in Berlin, Germany. Below you will find a list of the 10 Teams selected for the EMEA League for the 2023 VCT Season:

  • Fnatic
  • Team Liquid
  • Natus Vincere
  • BBL
  • Vitality
  • Karmine Corp
  • KOI
  • Giants
  • Heretics

Pacific League

The Pacific League will be made up of 10 Teams representing various regions within Asia. That being South Korea, Japan, China, and the greater APAC region. The participating teams will playing all of their league matches in Seoul, South Korea. The Pacific League features the likes of Korean heavyweights DRX, APAC superstars Paper Rex and Zeta Division. Here is the list of all 10 Franchise Teams that will be competing in the Pacific League for the 2023 VCT Season:

  • Zeta Division
  • Paper Rex
  • DRX
  • T1
  • Gen.G
  • Team Secret
  • Talon Esports
  • Rex Regum Qeon
  • Detonation Gaming
  • Global Esports

And there you have it. The 30 franchise teams that will be participating in the upcoming 2023 Valorant Champions Tour season. Who will you be routing for next season? Catch up with all the Valorant roster mania action on our regularly updated article.

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