Carlos Rodriguez has resigned as G2 CEO in the aftermath of his Andrew Tate controversy.

G2 Esports Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez has announced that he is stepping down as CEO. Carlos, who became synonymous with his organisation, recently came under heavy public criticism after he released a video partying with Andrew Tate and doubled down on it with a tweet defending his friendship.

His association with Andrew Tate led to public outcry from several G2 fans,the esports community at large and members of the organization. In repsonse, G2 put him on eight-week leave with no pay.

Today, Carlos has decided to resign from his role as the CEO of G2 and part ways with the company. Carlos founded G2 in 2015 with a focus on League of Legends which he played professionally. Since 2015, the organization has grown beyond Europe and competes in several competitive games.

Carlos on resigning from G2 CEO role : “This is a very hard ending to what has been otherwise a very deeply meaningful and joyful experience.”

Carlos announced his resignation in a video posted on Twitter. He thanked all G2 fans for their support and talked about his time as G2 as well as the controversy.

โ€œThis is a very hard ending to what has been otherwise a very deeply meaningful and joyful experience. I take full responsibility over everything that went on in the last few days,โ€ Carlos said in the video. โ€œAnd again trust me when I say I feel f*cking destroyed about it.โ€

Asides from the impact the controversy had on the esports community, Carlos actions are reported to have cost G2 a guaranteed partner spot in the 2023 North America VALORANT League. The loss of the Valorant spot cost G2 millions of dollars and may have been the final nail in the coffin for the CEO.

G2 also released a statement informing everyone of the decision and stated that they “do not support any form of misogyny”.

With Carlos gone from the CEO role, G2 will likely look for a new leader to fill that void.

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