Following a viral video showing G2 Esports CEO Carlos partying with Andrew Tate, the organisation has taken action swiftly.

Update: September 23rd

Carlos has resigned as CEO of G2 Esports. “I take full responsibility over everything that went on the last week, and I feel f**king destroyed about it," he said in a video on Twitter.

Original article

Following a tumultuous twenty-four hours of damage mitigation, G2 Esports has released a statement announcing their CEO Carlos Ocelote will be on leave for the next eight weeks without earnings. This comes following a huge social media backlash after he shared a video of him celebrating a G2 victory with infamous influencer Andrew Tate.

What happened?

On September 17th 2022 G2 Esports’ CEO Carlos Ocelote posted a video to his Twitter captioned "yesterday we celebrated G2’s World Championship” the video of eight seconds shows the CEO with a group of acquaintances in a club; featuring the defamed internet personality Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate rose to notoriety earlier this year, but this subsequently dropped off following multiple of his social medias being suspended and demonetised by companies (including his Instagram and Twitter) while he deleted his Twitch account.

This was namely due to his frequent and offensive expression of misogynistic opinions which were popularised among factions of the internet and resulted in his ‘cancelling.’ Tate is also under investigation for charges relating to human trafficking.

The video featuring Andrew Tate went viral on Carlos Ocelote’s Twitter as casters, esports personalities and fans alike expressed their disgust at the video and at Ocelote keeping the company of Andrew Tate.

Many LEC casters and personalities expressed their disgust with the video, including statements from Becca Henry who works at Misfits, in a Twitter quoted retweet stated “I’m sure I don’t need to say this but to all other teams and organisations in any esport: keep Andrew Tate of esports. We are better than this.”

There was a similar sentiment among many fans, on the original tweet, many fans shared messages of “you’re better than this” “this ain’t it” and “yikes.”

Among the shocked and disgusted reactions, there were reactions of support among some fans who expressed that they didn’t understand what other fans and onlookers from the rest of esports were so disgusted with.

Ocelote proceeded to double down in a subsequent tweet stating “I party with whoever the f**k I want” and he drew the line at having his “friendships policed” (September 17th 2022). This tweet was then further followed up with a tweet today (September 18th 2022) which stated “I failed to read the room” and “I accept the consequences in full.”

What happens now to G2 and Carlos?

G2 Esports has now released a statement on September 18th 2022, explaining G2 had failed the G2 Army (the name for the G2 fanbase) and internal discussions had taken place with the CEO and supervisory board.

The outcome of which was a mutual agreement from the meeting of “eight weeks of leave as CEO and suspended earnings during that time” for Ocelote. Alongside this information was a thank you to the community “for holding us accountable” it is unclear what will happen over the next eight weeks and what will happen once that eight week period is over.

Prior to the incident Carlos was an integral part of G2's identity, particularly on social media. He involved himself in the G2's Our Way music video in January and cosplayed as Star Guardian Soraka in July as part of a partnership with Riot Games. On Twitter Carlos is often the focal point of many content pieces of the organisation, but with recent events they will need to change direction drastically.

There were various opinions from fans under the statement tweet and this included some fans expressing love towards the employees who were caught in the middle as this unfolded. This piece will be updated as more information becomes clear.