G2’s incredible “Our Way” music video reveals Carlos’ hidden talent… or does it? cover image

G2’s incredible “Our Way” music video reveals Carlos’ hidden talent… or does it?


Is G2’s Carlos a metal vocalist god? Maybe? We have a few doubts…

G2 Esports has created a huge stir with the release of a music video to hype their new 2022 jerseys. The "Our Way" music video dropped what is perhaps CEO Carlos Rodríguez’s debut single on Friday afternoon giving fans the perfect soundtrack for the weekend ahead.
Belting out a power metal ballad that at times tipped its hat to DragonForce or HammerFall, the accompanying video showed multiple players and personalities from the G2 organization running from shadowy figures. 
Using supernatural powers, the G2 team eventually delivers the package to Carlos himself, who’s of course been the lead vocals for the music so far. The strange package transforms in a flash of light, and the G2 team have their new jerseys.

Our Way or is it?

Clearly an enormous amount of effort went into this visually impressive video and highly respectable power metal banger. So much so, that G2 has done us the courtesy of releasing the album on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud
But fans and onlookers couldn’t help but question… is that really Carlos singing? Well according to Carlos: Yes, it’s absolutely him. 

If not Carlos... then who could it be?

However, in this writer's opinion, as someone who has consumed a prodigious amount of power metal over his 32 years of existence, with dozens of metal festivals under his belt, and a fairly good ear for these things, it’s not Carlos.

Instead I would hazard an educated guess that those are the vocals of a studio vocalist. Perhaps even ZP De Villiers Theart himself, the former lead singer of DragonForce, and voice of Karthus on Riot Games’ Pentakill metal band for the songs Deathfire Grasp and Last Whisper. Just a hunch though.

G2 hit the Musical Trend in European Esports

Regardless of whether it is Carlos vocalising his heart out on Our Way, the track has garnered some big attention in just a few hours of release. And it’s also part of a growing trend. European esports has become somewhat synonymous with over the top musical performance in recent years. 
Last February’s Reckless with my heart serenaded one the the LEC’s most famous players with stereotypical Emo lyrics, while the follow up song Crown aped the rap-metal sound of Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. Music videos and high-effort content like this are a welcome addition to the scene, and if Our Way proves popular, it’s easy to imagine G2 creating more music in the future.
Michael Hassall
Michael Hassall
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