Two OT losses for G2 so far in the Legends stage.

The PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major is on in full swing with the top sixteen teams competing for glory and a bit of prize money. As we head towards the end of the New Legends stage, only eight teams will survive and make it to the players. G2 and Heroic faced each other in the Round 3 mid matches, which means both teams came into this series with a 1-1 score.

The day started with the controversial smoke bug mechanic that allowed one-way smokes on multiple maps, PGL announced they will allow the smoke. Pro players reacted incredulously to this decision, although they came together and took a unanimous decision to not use the smoke at the Major.

Heroic come back to defeat G2

Heroic started Inferno very comfortably with a 5-0 lead on the CT side. The early dominance, however, was not tenable for the Danish side as G2 slowly but surely closed the gap.

Throughout the map, there were multiple instances when G2 players showed extremely high skill. It was a team effort as almost everyone on G2 was contributing to their success. The teams exchanged a bunch of rounds to complete the first half at 8-7 in favor of Heroic.

The second half started with Heroic again winning the first three rounds. However, the third round was extremely close with CadiaN clutching it with seconds to spare. Still a round win is a round win and Heroic had a 11-7 lead at this point. 

Once again, G2 fought back, winning the next six rounds after breaking through the Heroic economy and forcing them to eco multiple times. G2 just looked the better team when they had weapons. Even though Heroic won both pistols and the subsequent rounds, G2’s performance in the gun rounds was clearly superior. But as we moved towards the latter part of the match, Heroic stepped up its performance with multiple fakes and mind-gaming G2 esports.

G2 esports PGL Antwerp CSGO Major.
A favorite at the CS: GO Major, G2 now faces the prospect of an early elimination. Image Credit: PGL.

The map went to OT where ultimately Heroic came out ahead having figured out how to crack the G2 defense. 

With this victory, Heroic will now play in the Round 4 High matches while G2 face elimination in their next match. 

The PGL Antwerp Major is the largest CS: GO Major and will feature the top eight teams in the Champions stage starting May 19. 

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