Counter-Strike 2 beta had over 930k viewers on launch day cover image

Counter-Strike 2 beta had over 930k viewers on launch day

Valve’s Counter-Strike 2 had an explosive start on Day 1.

For weeks, for years, Valve was silent on any leaks or rumors about Counter-Strike 2. But on March 22, they announced rather unexpectedly that they have had a new Counter-Strike in development - Counter-Strike 2. The new game, based on Counter-Strike 2 is currently in beta with a select few getting their opportunity to try out the game.

On launch day, CS:GO’s viewership reached almost 930k concurrent users as per a streamhatchet report across YouTube, Twitch, and FaceBook gaming. The surge in viewers checking out their favorite streamers, preferably on Counter-Strike 2, notably to check out how the new game differed from CS:GO. 

Counter-Strike 2 has responsive smokes, better graphics, CS:GO 2 maps, and a new sub-tick system that hopes to improve the overall experience for players.

CS:GO viewers watched almost 6.4 M hours on launch day, a significant milestone for Valve’s FPS game.

Shroud was the most-watched streamer with the word “CS2” or “CS:2” in the stream title. The former professional CS:GO player had a peak viewership of 356k hours with a peak viewership of 157k. 

Who were the leading Counter-Strike 2 streamers?

Meanwhile, Brazil’s biggest streamer, GauLes had a peak viewership of 355k hours and he had a peak viewership of just under 100k. Tarik , Fl0m, and S1mple took the next three spots. Here are the top five streamers on March 22, the day when Counter-Strike was announced.

  • Shroud: 157k
  • GauLes: <100k
  • Tarik: 100k
  • Fl0m: 66k
  • S1mple: 40k

How does this compare to previous viewership?

So the big question is how does Counter-Strike Source 2 launch day viewership for CS:GO compare with days prior? It’s quite a significant jump in viewership. 

There’s no doubt that Counter-Strike 2’s announcement generated hype that traversed games. Players from other FPS games as well as non-FPS titles flocked to Twitch to check out the new game’s beta version. 

Our readers can stay up to date with all the latest CS:GO 2 news and updates. You can also sign up for the Counter-Strike 2 beta version and check out the Limited Test Beta’s FAQ. Meanwhile, before you actually acknowledge the fact that you can actually play a brand new Counter-Strike, it would be prudent to check if your system is capable of handling Counter-Strike 2. 

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