After the conclusion of the rapid fire Bo1 groups, we have the Knockout Stage bracket set. Will we get major upsets?

Blast Premier Spring Groups concluded today setting up the Knockout Stage Bracket. Winners of each bracket will qualify for the Blast Spring Finals, while the bottom 3 will get eliminated from the event.

Bracket 1: Astra-lity vs New Look G2

Complexity vs MiBR

  • Head to Head - Complexity 2 - 0 MiBR
  • Matchup to Watch - brnz4n(1.23) vs Grim(0.99)

The first bracket of the Blast Premier Spring Groups starts off with Complexity taking on MiBR. The NA youngsters had a tough time in Group A, losing to G2 and BIG. But with a solid tactical base and strong fragging across the board, they looked like a good squad.

MiBR on the other hand comes off the massive victory over NaVi followed by two 16-9 losses to Astralis, OG. While MiBR's first game was amazing, their overall form wasn't surprising. If coL wants to be competitive in tier 1, they should be putting them away without much issue.

Vitality vs Complexity

  • Head to Head - Vitality 2 - 1 Complexity
  • Matchup to Watch - ZywOo(1.53) vs Junior(0.62)

Vitality looked dominant to start their group off, but their finals against Faze showed some cracks. Their Inferno seems to have gelled well, but their Overpass left much to be desired. Despite that, the ZywOo factor alone should lock in a win over Complexity but the boys in blue will make it a close one.

Vitality vs G2

  • Head to Head - Vitality 1 - 10 G2
  • Matchup to Watch - ZywOo(1.53) vs NiKo(1.33)

The Clash of the titans. Both teams have changed three pieces, but G2 looked like the more cohesive team. While Vitality had moments of disjointed play, G2 looked like a solid unit that had been playing together for months. NiKo and ZywOo haven't skipped a beat and their supporting cast looks strong, but in this game, I have to give the edge to Aleksib's boys.

Bracket 2: Can NaVi bounce back?

NaVi vs Liquid

  • Head to Head - NaVi 4 - 6 Liquid
  • Matchup to Watch - Electronic(1.07) vs ELiGE(1.14)

What could have easily been the final match of a bracket, NaVi will be taking on Team Liquid. NaVi was a massive disappointment in Group B, losing out to MiBR and Astralis. It is clear they weren't playing on their peak level, but they really need to step up. Because over in group C Liquid made every game ultra-competitive.

If NaVi doesn't return to power, Liquid will take them out of the bracket without much issue. But a bad S1mple day is like lightning, it won't strike twice. I still think NaVi will take the win in this game, especially with the spectacular form electronic showed yesterday.

NaVi vs Ninjas In Pyjamas

  • Head to Head - NaVi 8 - 3 NiP
  • Matchup to Watch - S1mple(0.99) vs phzy(0.93)

When the premise for the NaVi win over Liquid is a return of form, I think there should be little surprise as to who should be winning this game. NaVi is by far the better team and should absolutely dominate NIP in this series. Despite NIP's show of form, even if Liquid wins the first game, they will likely still get eliminated from the Knockout bracket.

NaVi vs OG

  • Head to Head - NaVi 7 - 7 OG
  • Matchup to Watch - S1mple(0.99) vs Mantuu(1.15)

The Finals of Group B that should have been. OG looked dominant in their Group B campaign, but i think that performance is a flash in the pan. Nexa might improve over his G2 form, but he will not be putting up ZywOo tier numbers in a game against NaVi. Expect a close series but this game is NaVi's path to get back on the throne.

Bracket 3: EZ4FAZE


  • Head to Head - EG 5 - 7 BIG
  • Matchup to Watch - CeRq(0.95) vs syrsoN(1.14)

EG looked better than expected. But that doesn't mean they are out of hot water. Brehze and Cerq may look rejuvenated but that isn't gonna help if the team looks tactically weak and doesn't have a third star. They need to step up big time to battle the germans. BIG looked solid in their match against NIP and easily moved past Complexity. The faveN pickup looks good, and they should have the firepower and the tactics to knock EG out of the running.

BIG vs Astralis

  • Head to Head - BIG 7 - 5 Astralis
  • Matchup to Watch - tabseN(1.08) vs BlameF(1.12)

Astralis has a big problem. K0nfig isn't a consistent star anymore. And while that might get you far against MiBR, it will cost you a game against a strong opponent. The NaVi game saw K0nfig back on point, but that form immediately disappeared in the next game. The OG game saw even BlameF disappear from the server. BIG should have this in the bag, Astralis still need to find their consistency.

BIG vs Faze

  • Head to Head - BIG 3 - 7 Faze
  • Matchup to Watch - tabseN(1.08) vs ropz(1.34)

Well BIG, you got this far. Unfortunately, you go up against ropz. BIG is a solid fundamental team, but that isn't gonna help you much against ropz. The Estonian rifler has been an absolute beast so far, dropping monstrous numbers in every game. He isn't about to stop anytime soon and neither are Faze. No matter who comes through that bracket, this Finals spot has Faze written all over it.

Blast Premier Spring Groups resume on Thursday with Complexity taking on MiBR. The Knockout stage will be followed up by the Last Chance Qualifier to lock in the final spots at Blast Spring Finals. Stay tuned to to stay up to date with the results.