FaZe Clan have confirmed the blockbuster signing of Ropz, roster complete as Karrigan reunites with his Robin in the hunt for CS:GO titles.

FaZe Clan has confirmed the signing of Robin “⁠ropz⁠” Kool only days after the announcement that the player would be leaving Mousesports.

This signing has been highly anticipated since reports first broke in December from Dexerto's Luis Mira.

The announcement features a fun bit of trivia for fans of Ropz - he once applied to be a part of FaZe back in 2014. In their second annual FaZe Clan recruitment challenge, a very young Ropz said the following:

"Hello my dudes, this is Ropz and this is my response to the FaZe Clan recruitment challenge. Why do I want to be a part of FaZe Clan? Well the answer is pretty obvious - FaZe is the biggest team around, it's everyone's dream to be a part of it."

It seems that these dreams do indeed come true for ropz.

Ropz reunited with Karrigan, Batman and Robin together again

Ropz has now reunited with Karrigan, and the pair are already celebrating on social media.

FaZe Clan has not had good luck in the pandemic era, with nothing higher than a third place finish. However, with Ropz and Karrigan back together again, it seems that they are now aiming for the #1 slot in the world.

Ropz has been one of the prodigies of the CS:GO scene, having come up through Faceit Pro League. He's made the last three editions of HLTV's top 20 players. He's expected to be a key piece of FaZe Clan's future success, as for years many wondered and speculated that Mouz was holding him back.

FaZe's full CS:GO roster

  • Håvard ‘rain’ Nygaard
  • Helvijs ‘⁠broky⁠’ Saukants
  • Russel ‘⁠Twistzz⁠’ Van Dulken
  • Finn ‘karrigan⁠’ Andersen
  • Olof ‘⁠olofmeister⁠’ Kajbjer
  • Robin ‘⁠ropz⁠’ Kool
  • Robert ‘⁠RobbaN’ Dahlström (coach)