Papito will enter his second MMA fight after a choke-out in the Spodek Arena.

Counter-Strike pro turned MMA fighter Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski, also known as Papito, will return to the ring in August. The legendary Polish player will be at Warsaw and go up against a currently unknown opponent.

pashaBiceps returns, now with FAME MMA

The player's first entry into the ring was with HIGH League MMA. The event was held in Krakow on February 5, 2022. It saw pashaBiceps take on streamer OWCA. The outpour of love from the community was great to see. The match followed dirty boxing rules, not MMA ones, but pashaBiceps took a knockout win in just two rounds.

A year later, Papito entered the Spodek Arena, the venue where he once won the IEM Katowice Major. There, in his first official MMA debut, pashaBiceps was thoroughly defeated by Marcin Dubiel. The fight only lasted a little over a minute, and he was quickly choked out. After being grounded for several minutes, the then 34-year-old eventually got up, much to the rejoicing of the fans, despite his loss.

Is Papito ready for a fight?

Coming into FAME 22, pashaBiceps's chances of success may be low. In the past against an almost equal but younger opponent, he struggled tremendously, failing to properly block and being unable to break out of the choke meant that he was out of the ring as soon as he came in.

His training regiment has been unbelievable, with him cycling to both majors in the last 12 months as a testament to his health. But with his opponent still unknown, who knows how he'll fare in the ring once more.

When is the new pashaBiceps MMA fight?

pashaBiceps' new MMA fight will take place at FAME 22. The event will be held in PGE Narodowy Arena in Warsaw on August 31, 2024. Tickets are currently available for 85 PLN, which is about $20 USD. The promoter also announced that 10,000 tickets had been sold within 30 minutes after pashaBiceps' announcement. Tickets can be purchased from ebillet.

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