PashaBiceps makes his MMA debut tonight and the esports community is uniting behind the Counter-Strike legend.

The larger than life Counter-Strike personality and former player Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski will make his MMA debut tonight February 5th, at around 11pm CEST.

The 33-year old announced his retirement from competing in 2019, marking the end of an illustrious 15 year career competing in Counter-Strike. However, as we reported back in December, pashaBiceps announced he was entering the world of MMA after signing a contract with HIGH League.

PashaBiceps: "It's dirty boxing formula"

"Some information about my today's fight. It's dirty boxing formula with small gloves to MMA," said pashaBiceps on Twitter. "HighLeaguePL will begin at 8pm, but my fight will be around 11pm. Keep your fingers crossed my esport brothers."

ESL's Michal Blicharz: "It's testament to both his popularity and his character."

The esports brotherhood was in full force and there was an outpouring of support for the former Counter-Strike pro. ESL's VP of Product Development Michal "Carmac" Blicharz's tweet stood out from the crowd. Carmac commented that by the end of the day Pasha Biceps will have "competed in a filled arena in two entirely different disciplines".

"It's testament to both his popularity and his character. He got the fight because he's famous, but he's worked as hard as anyone to be ready," said Carmac on Twitter.

How and where to watch PashaBiceps' fight?

If you wish to watch the fight it will be broadcast on High League's pay-per-view, with a ticket costing $8. PashaBiceps opponent for his debut MMA fight will be Polish bodybuilder Michal Owczarzak, better known as OWCA.

"It doesn't matter for me if its after a CS:GO official match or before the real fight. Respect everyone and you will be respected," said PashaBiceps on social media.

PashaBiceps' MMA opponent is Polish bodybuilder OWCA
PashaBiceps' MMA opponent is Polish bodybuilder OWCA

Esports Twittersphere unites for PashaBiceps MMA fight

In anticipation of the fight many prominent Counter-Strike players and figures have taken to social media to show their support for PashaBiceps' MMA debut, such as; Olofmeister, Fallen, YNK, Richard Lewis and Thorin.

Earlier today PashaBiceps' Social Media Manager Wojtek Maślanka called for the esports community to unit to support Pasha by repping his icon on Twitter and the craze has already started to take off.

Several talents and even tournament organisers FACEIT and ESL updated their ProfilePic's on Twitter to feature the man himself, and many CS fans have also done the same.

PashaBiceps' fight versus OWCA is the main event of this particular High League fight card, with 7 other fights leading up to it. You can find out more info about the competitors on the High League website.

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