Polish Counter-Strike Legend pashaBiceps enters the world of MMA as he signs a contract with HIGH League.

A member of the legendary Virtus.Plow, pashaBiceps is a name every Counter-Strike fan remembers. Once a Major MVP in CS:GO, the Polish player has turned his sights onto the world of MMA. Signing with the Polish MMA organization HIGH League, the 33-year-old is ready to step into the cage.

Streaming and entry into MMA

pashaBiceps will enter the ring in February.

In August of 2020, pashaBiceps signed with Team Liquid as a full-time streamer. A student of the Pasha London School and a wholesome streamer to watch, pasha has continued to keep his place in fans’ hearts throughout his journey. Pasha has also been an active role model for young esports talents in Poland, helping their development through initiatives like the LiquidBiceps and Pasha Gaming School. He has also appeared on the covers of Polish Fashion magazine “ELLE MAN”, where he discussed the importance of exercise and health in gaming.

Recently, he talked about his future in MMA on a broadcast for the V4 Future Festival. On the show, he talked about him considering MMA in the future, with both celebrity fights and normal matches being on the table.

PashaBiceps and the Virtus.Plow

In January of 2014, CIS Powerhouse Virtus.Pro picked up AGAiN, the Polish team that included names like the CS1.6 GOAT Contender NEO. Two months later, EMS One Katowice, the first major of the year took place. Most newer viewers will remember that event for giving us the best stickers in-game. But the veterans remember, this was the birth of the legend of the Virtus.Plow.

A team that shouldn’t have made even the top 4, took the motivation of the home-ground and defeated everyone that stood in their path. The only map they dropped was to the Swedes in LGB. Their win over NIP gave VP their first and only major and gave pashaBiceps his Major-MVP. From there, the team became a consistent top team that always brought their best on LAN.

Sticking together through thick and thin the team was always tough to put away, much like the Virtus.Pro of today. They kept coming back even after their prime years were behind them, making Major finals as late as 2017. All good things must come to an end and in 2018 after 53 months together, the lineup finally went their separate ways.

pashaBiceps stayed on in VP till the end of 2018, helping bring in younger polish talents. But in mid-2019, the Polish Legend finally hung up the mouse.

Will the beloved Papito step out of the ring victorious? Fans will find out at the Tauron Arena, Krakow on 5 February 2022 as HIGH League hosts it’s second arena event.

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