ESL Pro League Season 13 saw a new game record in the history of Counter-Strike .

The ESL Pro League Season 13 is one of the biggest CS:GO tournaments of the year. The world’s best teams are participating in this $750,000 event and the stakes could not be higher. But there was one series that got CS:GO fans jumping out of their seats in excitement and anticipation. The match in question was between Virtus.Pro and Team ENCE.

Virtus.Pro barely survive Finnish scare

Virtus.Pro and ENCE were up against each other in the playoffs round of 12. The single-elimination format of the tournament means every playoff match is an elimination match. Virtus.Pro came into the series as the overwhelming favorites and looked set to ease into the next stage. The CIS roster is the fourth-best in the world and its players have been in exceptional form for the past few months. But what happened on Dust 2, was a rollercoaster ride for Virtus.Pro’s fans. 

After a dominant Inferno, Virtus.Pro fell off rapidly on Train. After leveling the series at 1-1, ENCE had all the momentum going into Dust 2, the decider map. A pistol round win allowed ENCE to get an early lead in the first half. Buoyed by the momentum from Train, ENCE’s players looked confident and in amazing form on Dust 2. 

23-year-old Paweł "dycha" Dycha led ENCE from the front. The player finished the map on 33 kills, but most of them were in the first half on the CT side. Virtus.Pro looked defeated, nothing worked for the CIS squad. The first round ended with a 12-3 half and VP was on the brink of an early playoff elimination. 

After ENCE won the first three rounds in the second half, many Virtus.Pro fans had already resigned themselves, accepting VP’s defeat. But Jame and co. had other plans, fighting till the very end. Virtus>pro won twelve straight rounds bringing the map to a tie from a 3-15 deficit. 

Which is the biggest comeback on Dust 2? 

Virtus.Pro eventually managed to win the series, but not before giving their fans a massive scare. The comeback from 3-15 to tie the series and then a victory was the biggest comeback on Dust 2 in the history of the game.

What makes this run even more impressive is the fact that Virtus.Pro went on to win the series in overtime. Virtus.Pro defeated ENCE 19-17 in the final map to stay alive for one more round of the ESL Pro League Season 13

Virtus.Pro would lose its next match to Complexity but has etched its name in history books with this comeback.

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