Counter-Strike legend PashaBiceps did not take any prisoners when he made his debut as an MMA fighter knocking out OWCA in just 2 rounds.

It was the main event of High League 2, a Polish bodybuilder and influencer taking on a retired legend of the professional Counter-Strike scene Pasha Biceps. The rules for the PashaBiceps fight were of “dirty boxing”, meaning the two fighters were not using standard boxing gloves.

The fight was two months in the making, with Pasha announcing back in December his decision to make his fighting debut. Earlier today, the Polish streamer saw a huge wave of support from Esports fans who put him as their profile picture to support his upcoming fight.

PashaBiceps looked formidable in his debut fight

Pasha lands big headshot near the end of Round 1

While Pasha had an early fall from what seemed to be a trip, he came back swinging. Both fighters looked in incredible shape and went for it. OWCA’s decision to not put his hands up was noted by the commentators and he would later pay the price.

PashaBiceps was also on the receiving end of some heavy blows from OWCA in Round 1

The PashaBiceps fight was put on by HighLeague PL and hosted in the Tauron Arena, the same arena that hosted the PGL Major in 2017. Interestingly, PashaBiceps competed in that CS:GO event for Virtus Pro, placing top 4. But back to the action..

PashaBiceps lands huge right hook to knock over OWCA

After an intense back and forth exchange, Pasha took the lead near the end of the first round. With 24 seconds to go PashaBiceps clocked OWCA just as he was stumbling back and connected hard.

OWCA dazed after PashaBiceps hook

OWCA fell to the floor and was clearly in a daze after getting up, wobbling side to side. By the time the bell rang for the end of the first round, the Polish bodybuilder looked shaken.

PashaBiceps fight debut
Pasha and OWCA after Round 1

Pasha look unfazed by Round 1 during the rest period and was clearly ready to get back into it. OWCA on the other hand clearly needed a little bit more time, with treatment being given to his nose.

OWCA lasts just 37 seconds in Round 2, fight over

Round 2 started fast with Pasha tanking a few hits in the first 15 seconds. However, after a nice side step to dodge OWCA’s swing, Pasha had his opponent against the fence and unleashed the beast. A diving punch smashed into the left side of OWCA’s face, and as he tumbled to the ground Pasha landed two more blows to the head.

The match was called to a halt in the second round after OWCA took a flurry of blows to the head and was clearly disorientated

With OWCA on the floor for the second time, Pasha stepped away. OWCA However, would not return to the fight. The Polish bodybuilder seemed to gesture to say he couldn’t continue and a doctor was brought into the cage to check his condition. After just 37 seconds in Round 2, PashaBiceps was crowned the winner of his first ever fight.

PashaBiceps gives a shoutout to the Esports community after fight

After being crowned the winner Pasha stayed on stage to deliver a message in English to the Esports community.

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