Toronto Ultra brand signs CoD Mobile player Aerith! cover image

Toronto Ultra brand signs CoD Mobile player Aerith!

“Time to teach the console community how we do it on mobile.”

Toronto Ultra signed Call of Duty: Mobile (CoD Mobile) player Aerith as a content creator! The news arrived alongside OverActive Media's unveiling of its Content Creator Academy.

Aerith becomes a content creator for Toronto Ultra

Aerith is a CoD Mobile esports player and content creator. During this year's CoD Mobile Snapdragon Pro Series, she achieved a 55-kill game and became one of the first women players to qualify for the circuit's Challenge Season.

In an exclusive interview with, Aerith shared insights about her CoD Mobile journey, content creation, and the future of the game. She described the rigorous preparation required for tournaments and the amount of dedication needed to do content creation at the same time.

For example, practice amounted to three to four hours a day on scrims plus an additional hour for gameplay reviews. During CoD Mobile World Championship Stage 4, in particular, Aerith committed five hours a day for practice alongside her usual three-hour livestreams.

Toronto Ultra brand enters CoD Mobile scene

OverActive Media is the company behind teams Toronto Ultra for Call of Duty, Toronto Defiant for Overwatch 2, and MAD Lions for League of Legends. With the reveal of its Content Creator Academy, the company added to its roster of influencers.

A total of 20 diverse influencers now represent the Toronto Ultra, Toronto Defiant and MAD Lions brands. The Content Creator Academy also lets OverActive Media's brands and partners connect with new audiences.

"Time to teach the console community how we do it on mobile," Aerith stated on social media, referring to how the Toronto Ultra brand is known as a Call of Duty team instead of CoD Mobile.

Toronto Ultra and CoD Mobile player Aerith (Image via OverActive Media)
Toronto Ultra and CoD Mobile player Aerith (Image via OverActive Media)

"OverActive's Content Creator Academy is our investment in the creator space," Matt McGlynn, the company's vice-president of marketing and branding, said. "We see value in building a robust network that can benefit from each other to produce content that resonates in a competitive environment."

McGlynn added that fans are his team's priority, and creators let OverActive Media share engaging content while contributing to audience growth.

Building the Toronto esports scene

The recent Toronto Esports Strategy report by Ontario Creates and the City of Toronto further emphasizes the interest in esports growth and the importance of it in local economies. Adam Adamou, OverActive Media's co-founder and interim CEO, shared his thoughts on esports as an economic pillar.

"We applaud the initiative taken by government stakeholders to better understand how esports can be an economic pillar for the city and the province,” Adamou said. “As an industry leader, this initiative, paired with our strengths in production, broadcasting and live events, reinforces our efforts to grow gaming and esports content opportunities for creators.”

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