The WxC is innovating for Women in Call of Duty.

Coming to the end of its inaugural season, the WxC is one of few female-only tournaments in competitive Call of Duty.

Founded by Alyssa "Allycxt" Parker, this new league is striving to provide females a safe space to compete against each other whilst also being given the best possible coverage they can have. Eight teams are taking part in the first season of the WxC, with each of them qualifying through two Open Qualifier tournaments.

The WxC is broadcast on <a href="">Allycxt's Twitch channel.</a>
The WxC is broadcast on Allycxt's Twitch channel.

Teams entered an eight-match regular season, with all matches for seeding leading to playoffs. Each match in the regular season was also for an extra $100 in prizing.

Altogether, the WxC is now on its way to becoming a vital cog in the machine that is developmental Call of Duty. A huge portion of the population has been left behind by the esport because of years worth of sexism and it's time to turn that around.

With the support of tournaments like this, the quality of women's Call of Duty can only improve and it may only be a matter of time until some of them are competing on the biggest stages for the biggest prizes.

Teams taking part

The eight teams in the WxC all took names that were already decided upon before the qualifers. Teams chose names in order of seeding from the two qualifying events.

Some of the best female players in Call of Duty history are taking part in the WxC. These include the first female ever to make a CDL Challengers Elite event and a multiple-time winner of local LAN events. Coincidentally, they both have ended up on the same team.

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  • Kels
  • Cely
  • Tea
  • Bel

Kels was the first, and remains the only, woman to qualify for Challengers Elite competition. She is currently competing in Stage 4 in EU alongside Runner, Disarray and BBConor.


  • Gabs
  • Auddy
  • Sheekee
  • Alanna
  • Ivie


  • SheSaucedOnU
  • taco
  • keeks
  • sandycheeks
  • CrimsixV2
  • Barbie


  • Tea
  • Kaays
  • andromeda
  • Hailee
  • Diosa


  • Shewter
  • Memzy
  • Wartana
  • Via
  • Cloey

Pink Diamond

  • Caizzers
  • Kay
  • luvkirby
  • MissSilence


  • Qrissy
  • Xundae
  • Kenzrosey
  • Uncivilqueen

Toronto Tsunami

  • AzuraAnarchy
  • Lily
  • MizuMeredy
  • FDL
  • EmiliaRose

Toronto Ultra content creator Meagan "Overgirl" Stewart took the Tsunami team under her wing on May 6. She announced on Twitter that the team would be renamed to follow the city-based naming of Toronto Ultra.

All four members of the Tsunami team, and their coach joined the new-named team. The team now has its own unique branding and social media account. This is the start of what could end up being something really special in the women's competitive scene.

Toronto Tsunami's branding.
Toronto Tsunami's branding.

The other seven teams are yet to have this level of support but some orgs are working in the background to provide more to them. OMiT has been a big supporter. Others have also reached out to some teams to enquire about helping out.

With Allycxt's position as an analyst on the broadcast for the Call of Duty League, the connection between the two leagues runs deep. The CDL even featured the WxC on the League broadcast of Championship Sunday of Major 4 in Columbus.

Boston Breach-ing the WxC

Call of Duty League outfit Boston Breach took notice of the WxC. The Oxygen Esports-owned team doubled the prize pool of the first season of WxC action.

Breach took the prize pool from $5,000 and took it all the way to $10,000. This gave the women in playing in the WxC even more to play for.

This WxC season so far

The regular season for the first iteration of the WxC is already in the books. Toronto Tsunami are by far and away looking like the best team in the league. They finished off their regular season with an incredible 7-0 record.

Mizu had an incredible 1.46 K/D over the regular season. More impressive than the team's slaying power is their ability to win with efficiency. They look almost untouchable.

The only team that got them even close to being a competitive series was Phoenix. They had to play the first map of that series with a substitute as Kels was finishing off qualifying for Challengers Elite for the second time. They lost that map and eventually the series.

What's next?

First and foremost, the Playoffs. All eight teams will make it through to the playoffs regardless of the way they played in the regular season. It will be an eight-team double-elimination bracket. The first-round matches haven't got a date yet but they will be happening soon.

Upper bracket Round 1 matches:

  • Toronto Tsunami vs Moonlight
  • Phoenix vs Wildfire
  • Sunlight vs Emerald
  • Pink Diamond vs Midnight

Whoever wins the playoffs will take home the lion's share of the $10k prize money.

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