eFuse have acquired College CoD in a deal that is sure to lead to exciting developments within the Collegiate CoD community.

Esports tournament organisers eFuse have acquired collegiate Call of Duty organisation College CoD. This is a move that promises an even greater avenue for aspiring CoD players to chart their path towards the CDL.

Who Are College CoD?

College CoD is an organisation that started back in 2018 around the time of Call of Duty: WW2. The aim of the organisation was to provide a platform for aspiring CoD players to compete at the highest level of collegiate competition.

They are known for hosting a league-style format similar to that of the CoD: World League. A move which saw their popularity surge exponentially with each passing year. In their first season, Season 0, they had only six teams competing. In Season 1 that number grew to 32 teams. And that number continued to grow with each succeeding season.

Now, threw their newfound partnership with eFuse, College Cod will have the capability of hosting over 250 teams; a truly staggering number given their humble origins.

Speaking on their roots, College CoD's staff were originally all volunteer's from around the collegiate and amateur CoD communities. From tournament staff to moderators, to casters and analysts, College CoD was in essence an organisation run by the community, many of which just did it because they love all things Call of Duty.

What Does The eFuse Acquisition Mean?

The first thing to note with this deal is that thanks to eFuse, College CoD will have access to much more resources than they previously had.

As mentioned earlier they used to hold a relatively compact amount of teams every season with not much to play for other than pride, and a small prize pool. Thanks to the eFuse acquisition, this means that all teams competing in College Cod this year will be playing for the chance at a $25,000 prize pool. And that isn't the only thing the increase in funding has allowed for.

Through eFuse's "eRena" program, College Cod will also now have the ability to provide scholarship funding for the players; a pretty significant draw for any who might wish to enter into the space. They will also be able to pay their staff for their services instead of relying solely on volunteer support.

There has even been a hint towards a possible LAN event for College CoD. This would be a welcome move for everyone in the collegiate CoD community. It pushes them one step closer to being recognized as a premier space for amateur cod players to begin their journey into esports.

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