Crimsix has criticised a third of the CDL organisations for refusing to pay their players more than the minimum wage of $50K.

3x World Champion Ian "Crimsix" Porter openly accused 1/3 of the CDL teams for refusing to pay their players more than the minimum wage on his stream. Here is what transpired.

Crimsix Criticises CDL Teams For Paying Minimum Wage

Yesterday on his stream, Crimsix claimed that around 1/3 of the CDL teams are refusing to pay their players more than the minimum wage, a sum of around $50k a year. Clips from his stream regarding these criticisms were shared on The Flank's twitter page.

"When you have 1/3 of the league paying the absolute minimums on salaries, that is a huge problem. A third of the league is saying we're going to pay you in goddamn dimes" Porter said on his stream. "The thing that pisses me off the most about all of this, is that the people who can stop them and say 'that's not right' are not saying a damn thing about it."

Crimsix did not name any of the CDL teams involved in this issue. However, he did imply that whenever a player has asked for an increase in their salary the organisations would simply threaten to replace them with amateur players.

Crimsix then proceeded to draw a comparison between the earnings of most CDL players and the Top 20 Twitch streamers; per the data breach that occurred a week ago. "When you are a Top 20 streamers on Twitch, you can make $50K in about one-to-two months." This has seemingly become an issue for a pretty big portion of the pro players in the CDL. So what needs be done about it?

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