Get all the updates amid the ongoing CDL 2023 Rostermania as teams shuffle to build a roster for Modern Warfare 2.

The 2023 Call of Duty League (CDL) Rostermania is in full effect following the final tournament of the 2022 Vanguard season. Underperforming teams are clearing house after the season with their sights set on a fresh start in Modern Warfare 2. While the top rosters, such as Atlanta FaZe, OpTic Texas, and the World Champion L.A. Thieves, will likely remain the same, others are completely up in the air.

As the CDL Rostermania 2023 madness continues, we are here to provide you with all of the latest updates. There have been a few interesting developments already with many more sure to follow.

Call of Duty League (CDL) 2023 Rostermania Timeline

Mutineers & Rokkr release their entire rosters

After finishing 9th and 11th, respectively, the Florida Mutineers (13-18) and Minnesota Rokkr (14-14) released all of their players ahead of the 2023 season. Both squads struggled in 2022, failing to maintain consistency in the regular season, and ultimately missed out on the Call of Duty League Championship. Rokkr and Mutineers look ahead to the 2023 CDL Rostermania with hopes of something better and a new combination of players.

Crimsix airs team frustrations following Subliners release

New York Subliners has taken center-stage as the most dramatic situation despite just one player leaving and another becoming a restricted free agent. On The Flank, three-time Call of Duty World Champion Ian “Crimsix” Porter unearthed details from behind the scenes of Subliners. The entire team unraveled following Crimsix’s release from the team, who cited issues with Subliners’ young star Paco "HyDra" Rusiewiez.

Crimsix said the team barely spoke after CDL Champs 2022–An event where Subliners finished 5th-6th overall. All the while, the Call of Duty veteran said the team could not see eye-to-eye and called this roster “the biggest waste of talent.” It’s worth giving The Flank episode a listen with how much context the players provide regarding the team’s unraveling. 

Crimsix also released a Twitlonger, addressing the racist joke accusations from HyDra and more background information. Currently, HyDra and Matthew “KiSMET” Tinsley appear to be the only two players retained by Subliners early in the CDL 2023 Rostermania.

Who are the top free agents during the CDL 2023 Rostermania?

Based on 2022 statistics, Attach, Owakening, Havok, and Skyz figure to be the top players heading into Modern Warfare 2. Obviously, the game will play differently than Vanguard, but these four players performed well despite being on underperforming rosters. Furthermore, a player like Gunless will draw interest from many rosters who would like to add a strong veteran presence. 

Dashy enters restricted free agency, iLLeY leaves OpTic Texas

In an unexpected move, OpTic Texas announced on August 17th the departure of Brandon "Dashy" Otell and Indervir "iLLeY" Dhaliwal. After finishing second in the regular season, winning Major 1, and placing fourth at CDL Champs 2022, OpTic is now in search of two new players. It's unclear what unfolded behind the scenes, as this roster had a lot of promise and potential longevity. Regardless, it appears H3CZ, Hastr0, and the rest of the organization are on the hunt amid the 2023 CDL Rostermania.

Dashy and iLLeY return to OpTic after renegotiations

The 2023 OpTic Texas roster returns with Scump, Dashy, Shotzzy, and iLLeY for Modern Warfare 2. Before this news, all signs pointed to Dashy potentially moving to FaZe Clan for Arcitys following his sudden restricted free agency two days ago. The future did not seem as clear for iLLeY. Regardless, OpTic Texas stirred up CDL Rostermania 2023 like never before.

One thing is certain, whatever occurred behind the scenes ultimately pulled this roster back together.

Arcitys leaves Atlanta FaZe, heads to Los Angeles Guerillas to team with Huke, Spart, and Neptune

The writing was on the wall for veteran player and two-time Call of Duty World Champion Arcitys amid the 2023 CDL Rostermania. Rumors first surfaced of a potential swap for Dashy before he ultimately returned to OpTic. Then, Arcitys' cryptic tweets over the last few weeks indicated he would not continue with Atlanta FaZe moving forward.

Today, the shoe finally dropped, as Los Angeles Guerillas announced their complete 2022-2023 CDL lineup, featuring Arcitys, Neptune, Spart, and Huke. Atlanta FaZe bade farewell to Arcitys following an unprecedented two-year run. After, Arcitys voiced his confusion on Twitter about what ultimately unfolded between himself and Atlanta FaZe:

"I stayed up this morning honestly just writing shit about why I got dropped wanting to let everyone know but the best thing I can say is I think I needed this change they did we weren't a team/squad last year no trust and no respect cause I'm still trying to figure out why."

Arcitys on leaving atlanta faze

SlasheR joins Atlanta FaZe to complete star-studded roster

Two days after bidding farewell to Arcitys, Atlanta FaZe made a move many expected. The organization added 2016 Call of Duty World Champion Austin "SlasheR" Liddicoat to complete its 2023 roster. Previously, SlasheR enjoyed almost a year as part of the FaZe Clan team back in 2014. More recently, he spent last year with Los Angeles Guerillas–a team that won Major 2 but failed to qualify for the 2022 Call of Duty League Championship.

SlasheR finished the 2022 season with a 1.06 kill-death ratio, and brings a veteran presence to an ultra-talented team. We'll have to see what SlasheR, Simp, Abezy, and Cellium can do in Modern Warfare II, as the team hopes to add another Championship to the trophy case.

Toronto Ultra retain Insight & CleanX, promote Scrappy to main roster, & welcome Standy

On September 9, Toronto Ultra announced its entire roster for the 2023 CDL Season, following much speculation. Ultimately, the team retained long-time Ultra players CleanX and Insight, promoted Scrappy to the main roster, and picked up Standy after he left Minnesota ROKKR. CleanX and Insight performed well last year, maintaining 0.93 and 1.04 kill-death ratios, respectively. Ultra finished top-six at 2022 CDL Championship with CleanX and Insight in the mix.

New players to the main roster are Scrappy and Standy. Firstly, Scrappy helped Toronto Ultra Academy finish second at the 2022 Call of Duty Challengers Finals. As a result, the team moved Scrappy to the main roster. Lastly, Ultra added Standy from Minnesota ROKKR to complete its 2023 roster. Standy finished last season with a 0.96 kill-death ratio, but has won Major tournaments in the past.

Toronto hopes to have a successful bid in Modern Warfare 2, with a clean slate and a rejuvenated lineup.

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