In a recent episode of the OpTic Podcast, OpTic aTexas team captain Scump explained what occurred during the team’s temporary break-up.

Fear not, OpTic fans; the band is back together for another run. Led by veteran player Seth "Scump" Abner, OpTic Texas hopes to build on their Major 1 win from last season with many more in 2023. However, for a brief moment, it seemed OpTic Texas would watch Brandon "Dashy" Otell and Indervir "iLLeY" Dhaliwal leave to make room for two replacements. 

While the issue no longer persists, questions lingered following the presumed end of the OpTic Texas and Dallas Empire super-team. What exactly led to OpTic's sudden breakup and unexpected reunion? In a recent episode of the OpTic Podcast, team captain Scump gave insight into what unraveled behind the scenes. 

Confusion surrounding the 2023 OpTic roster

Two social media posts from OpTic Texas sent shockwaves across the community. The team said farewell to iLLeY and Dashy—a move that stumped everyone. OpTic were arguably the third-best team and lost iLLeY temporarily due to a hand injury. 

At around the 13-minute mark of the latest OpTic Podcast episode, Scump talks about the potential roster moves on the table. 

"We wanted to make changes, and then we realized we didn't give it a fair chance at a real season," said the OpTic Texas player.

Scump on the OpTic Podcast

Then, talks occurred behind the scenes that ultimately saved a roster with a lot of promise. 

Rostermania escalates roster talks, but OpTic Texas holds strong

It seemed inevitable that Dashy and iLLeY were out. Suddenly, an OpTic Texas team meeting between Scump, Dashy, iLLeY, Shotzzy, and head coach Rambo got the band back together for Modern Warfare 2. 

"Everything happened in a three-night span. We wanted to make changes on night one," said Scump. "We had a team talk and got everyone back on board. It was probably the most stressful three nights of a rostermania that I've ever been a part of."

What Dashy and iLLeY had planned during the brief OpTic Texas departure is unclear. Some rumors indicated a one-for-one swap that would send Dashy to Atlanta FaZe in return for Arcitys. Ultimately, OpTic stayed strong and will look to make a run in 2023 despite the roster craze. 

OpTic Texas, Seattle Surge, and Los Angeles Thieves are the only rosters that have yet to make a change. For all the latest updates, refer to our CDL Rostermania Tracker.

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