On your marks, get set, go! It’s time for the Ranked Race.

The Ranked Race is coming. eFuse are hosting their latest Call of Duty tournament and it's one that'll put a huge focus on the biggest grinders of MW2's most popular mode - Ranked Play.

With how successful Ranked Play has been, the people who spend their days climbing the leaderboards deserve their shot at showing what they can do. Now is their time.

Eight teams of four will compete for a share of $25,000 on Tuesday, May 9. Eight captains are putting together their own teams of demons ready for action.

The captains vary from former World Champions to Warzone stars. They will all play each other in order to sort the best from the worst in terms of Ranked Play fiends.


The format for this one is unusual but most certainly interesting. All eight teams will play a single-day round-robin tournament. Each team will play a Best of 1 match against each other. That means that there will be a grand total of 36 matches on show during the Pool Play stage of the competition.

The format for the eFuse $25,000 Ranked Race.
The format for the eFuse $25,000 Ranked Race.

The winners of each match will "Rank Up", moving up a leaderboard that determines final prizing. The top two teams at the end of the Best of 1 section of the tournament will then play a full Best of 5 Grand Finals against each other for the added bonus of being called Champions.


In total, $25,000 is on offer to the teams that are competing in the Ranked Race. This is split up into $22,400 for the Round Robin stage and then an extra $2,600 for the Grand Finals.

Prize breakdown for the eFuse $25,000 Ranked Race.
Prize breakdown for the eFuse $25,000 Ranked Race.

Teams will earn prize money based on the number of wins that they secure during the Round Robin. These ranks share names with the ranks in MW2 Ranked Play.

  • Bronze (0-7): $0
  • Silver (1-6): $800
  • Gold (2-5): $1,600
  • Platinum (3-4): $2,400
  • Diamond (4-3): $3,200
  • Crimson (5-2): $4,000
  • Iridescent (6-1): $4,200
  • Top 250 (7-0): $5,600

An extra $2,600 will be won by the team that wins the Grand Finals. There is no prize for coming second place in Grand Finals, only what that team has already won.

In theory, the max take-away for a single team is $8,200 which would be spread between the four players on the team.

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Eight teams means eight captains. These captains have freedom to choose whoever they want to be on their team for the event. There is a good a mix of players already in the running for the event.

Here are a list of all of the captains and teams competing in the eFuse Ranked Race. Note, this will be updated as more captains pick up players.

Team Qrissy

  • Qrissy
  • ClutchBelk
  • LymaxLymax
  • Destroy

Team Slacked

  • Slacked
  • 7Heis
  • Seany
  • Pentagrxm

Team Kels

  • Kels
  • EriKBooM
  • Snoopy
  • ReeaL

Team Allycxt

  • Allycxt
  • Trei
  • Tea
  • Lunarz

Team ScummN

  • ScummN
  • Cruze
  • Dak
  • Gunsii

Team Cely

  • Cely
  • Whiz
  • Lao
  • Gio

Team Haggy

  • Parasite
  • Yeez
  • Purjing
  • Phantomz

Team Demi

  • demisxxual


The eFuse Ranked Race will be broadcast on the Call of Duty official Twitch Channel. It is the very same channel that hosts all of the Call of Duty League action. The tournament officially goes down on Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

All of the individual players of the games in the tournament will also be encouraged to stream their POVs of the game. There will be plenty of options to choose from when it comes to choosing who to watch during the Ranked Race.

That's all you need to know heading into this tournament. Be sure to stick with esports.gg for all the latest Call of Duty news and reports.