The Call of Duty creators Baka Bros have signed with Complexity Gaming, a huge move for the trio who have been rising stars in 2021.

The breakout Warzone stars are signing with Texas-based esports organization Complexity as content creators and competitors in Call of Duty: Warzone. The Baka Bros Complexity deal is the latest in a series of high profile announcements from the North American organisation, who recently unveiled TimTheTatman as a new co-owner.

Baka Bros Join Complexity

DiazBiffle, LuckyChamu, and Repullze have made a name for themselves as the fun-loving content creators (Baka Bros) and as fierce competitors in the Warzone tournament scene. Now, the trio will represent their first organization Complexity as the org continues its spending spree on top content creators and competitors.

Warzone’s vibrant community continues to grow alongside its rebuffed focus on new in-game content, and builds upon our excitement to be partnering with some of the title’s most popular personalities.

Sören Vendsahm General Manager and VP of Talent, Complexity Gaming

The Baka Bros first event with the org will be their own LAN held in Las, Vegas, Nevada later this month. The BAKA wonderLAN is a 2v2 Warzone event featuring Complexity Stars athlete Max Holloway, Complexity content creators, and top Warzone influencers competing for $100k.

Baka Bros Complexity
Baka Bros Complexity: DiazBiffle, LuckyChamu, and Repullze will compete and create content

Complexity’s passion and care for their talent makes them stand out amongst the rest. Signing with Complexity has given us the stability and support to continue doing what we love, as well as explore new passion projects. We’re so excited to show our fans what we’re going to do together.


Recently, Complexity announced the “Complexity Stars” initiative which saw the team sign a swathe of pro athletes such as J.R. Smith, Leonard Fournette, Allisha Gray, and Max Holloway. The company wants to create a new vertical within Complexity to further bridge the divide between mainstream sports and esports culture.

The Baka Bros will look to keep things the same but on a bigger scale with their new organization. Look for the Baka Bros 12 Days of giveaways later this month as the trio look to give back to their fans with a variety of fun giveaways totalling more than $100,000.

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