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TimTheTatman announces partnership with Complexity and becomes a co-owner cover image

TimTheTatman announces partnership with Complexity and becomes a co-owner


TimTheTatman and Complexity Esports have announced the start of a brand new partnership that sees the streamer become a part-owner.

Another big signing has hit the esports world today as Complexity Gaming announces a partnership with Timothy "TimTheTatman" Betar. The veteran content creator and the storied North American esports org revealed their new collaboration on September 20th in a series of posts on social media. 
However, the signing goes beyond just acquiring the TimTheTatman as a content creator. As confirmed in a post on his official Twitter, TimTheTatman would also become part-owner of Complexity Gaming. 
The move puts him in a similar position to fellow streamers Jack "CouRage" Dunlop and Valkyrae, who became part-owners of 100 Thieves in April, 2021. The pair had been content creators for the brand for some time, with their co-ownership helping launch the brand to the next level. 
Alongside the partnership, Complexity and TimTheTatman also revealed some special edition merchandise to celebrate the move. The 2022 Complexity Esports jersey comes with "Tatman" printed on the back. 
TimTheTatman made headlines by joining fellow Twitch Streamers Dr. Disrespect, CouRageJD, and Dr.Lupo as exclusive streamers on YouTube at the start of September. Their success has been seen as one of the most significant moves to unseat Twitch from its dominance of the livestreaming space. 
Complexity's signing of TimTheTatman marks another big shakeup in the livestreaming world: One of the biggest streamers is no longer a free agent. Instead, his name will be tied to one of NA's most significant Esports organizations, ideally elevating both parties. 
Michael Hassall
Michael Hassall
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