Activision takes down Scump’s CDL watch party cover image

Activision takes down Scump’s CDL watch party

Scump’s watch party was taken down by Activision due to a copyright claim.

Activision took down Seth "Scump" Abner's stream of a Call of Duty League (CDL) watch party on Twitch. It happened during the CDL Week 2 Stage 1 Qualifiers match between Miami Heretics and Las Vegas Legion.

Activision, Scump, and watch parties

Activision also reportedly shut down watch parties last week. However, the target pertained to streams on Twitch, as the CDL signed an exclusive contract with YouTube. The Twitch stream, even without images, could have been Activision's reason for taking down Scump's watch party.

Last week, the target was reportedly Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto. This week, perhaps the biggest name in Call of Duty esports got his livestream taken down.

“[I received] an email this morning saying that we’re no longer allowed to review gameplay," ZooMaa said last week. "We’re not even allowed to pull out CDL gameplay even when the matches [were] over. So before the games, after the games — doesn’t matter. I can’t be live on Twitch and pull out gameplay on YouTube and like watch the gameplay.”

After reiterating this, ZooMaa shared some thoughts about YouTube.

“I’ll be honest with you guys. YouTube doesn’t offer me anything. I’ve met with YouTube, they’re all great people, they all [treat me] with respect," he said. "I have no problem with YouTube, but they also have to understand from my POV that I’ve been on Twitch for years and I don’t want to just turn off my stream and not do stuff on Twitch anymore. This is where I started.”

Community’s reaction to Activision taking down Scump’s watch parties

The community was quick to show its displeasure. Both on social media platform X and in the YouTube chat of the official CDL broadcast, the community began using the #FreeScump hashtag.

Screenshot of the community spamming the hashtag (Image via YouTube)
Screenshot of the community spamming the hashtag (Image via YouTube)

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