CDL reportedly shuts down Twitch Watch Parties cover image

CDL reportedly shuts down Twitch Watch Parties

ZooMaa and Scump are not allowed to make CDL watch parties on Twitch, only YouTube.

The Call of Duty League kicked off yesterday, but drama is already hanging over the league. Two of the competition's biggest watch parties streams are reportedly unable to broadcast, according to people from both broadcasts. According to statements made on stream by Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto, the CDL won't be able to be broadcast on any capacity on Twitch, even watch party.

The ban will also include the Breakdown watch party by Seth "Scump" Abner and Anthony "Methodz" Zinni and The Flank, a project headed by Thomas ZooMaa. The culprit is seemingly the exclusivity of the CDL stream. The Call of Duty League will be broadcast exclusively on YouTube for the 2024 edition.

Scump's watch party on Twitch with no gameplay (Image via Twitch)
Scump's watch party on Twitch with no gameplay (Image via Twitch)

ZooMaa and The Flank’s position

While Scump and Methodz's project is streaming CDL with footage on YouTube and without footage on Twitch, The Flank has members doing the same, while ZooMaa only has his stream screen with his webcam.

“I was received an email this morning saying that we’re no longer allowed to review gameplay, we’re not even allowed to pull out CDL gameplay, even when the matches are over, so… before the games, after the games, doesn’t matter, I can’t be live on Twitch and pull out gameplay on YouTube and like watch the gameplay.”

“We’re not allowed to review the gameplay and breakdown Call of Duty, we can’t do that anymore. The only way we could to that is if I just dropped everything I’m doing here on Twitch and went to YouTube.”

“I’ll be honest with you guys; YouTube doesn’t offer me anything. I’ve met with YouTube, they’re all great people, they all treated with respect, I’ve no problem with YouTube, but they also have to understand from my POV that I’ve been on Twitch for years and I don’t want to just turn off my stream and not do stuff on Twitch anymore. This is where I started.”

“If YouTube wanted to offer a deal and maybe getting me over on YouTube, that’s a different story”.

Scump has already clarified that he has been in talks with ZooMaa since the morning to understand what they will both do.

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