Team Liquid have made their roster available to offers. The shock news sees one of the top teams in North America scrambling for a new home. It is unknown why this decision has been made at this time.

Team Liquid surprised the Apex community on Thursday, as it was revealed that their Apex Legends roster was now open to other offers with other orgs. While they are currently still on Team Liquid, this move indicates that the squad and the org will soon be parting ways.

Team Liquid have been one of the mainstay orgs in Apex Legends esports, and they were one of the most successful teams in ALGS Year 2.

All four players on the roster posted tweets advertising their availability. All the tweets indicated that they were open to offers as a team, or as individuals.

Team Liquid news sparks confusion

The announcement was met with much confusion. Team Liquid had been one of the best teams in North America in ALGS Year two. A particular highlight was the Sweden Playoff LAN; Team Liquid surprised everyone and finished 2nd. One of the driving factors was the acquisition of controller player Gildersons. He helped Team Liquid transform their playstyle.

Photo Credit: EA
Photo Credit: EA

Gildersons has since joined NRG. At the time, there was speculation that Team Liquid would struggle without the controller star, but they have been playing with Sikezz and continued to perform very strongly.

Recent Team Liquid results

Recent results have been strong and consistent, which calls into question if this decision was regarding performance.

With Sikezz, this Liquid roster has it all. Nocturnal has proved any doubters wrong about his IGLing. Their performance and approach in Sweden proved that he is among the best. Their performance in Raleigh was less impressive, but 12th is still a strong result. In FunFPS they have a truly talented mechanical player who is both an excellent anchor and also a very flexible player. Then, as is becoming more and more popular, Sikezz adds the controller factor. When you add an experienced coach like Hodsic into the mix, this is a really well rounded and attractive roster.

Team Liquid at the ALGS Sweden LAN
Team Liquid at the ALGS Sweden LAN

Was Money a factor?

Sources have told that this change could be down to finances. It is understood that the Apex roster were offered new terms on reduced pay. It would appear that the squad rejected these terms, and this could be why they are now open to offers.

Team Liquid put a statement out on Twitter:

They make it clear that this was not a results based decision, but was due to other factors. They imply in the tweet that they will be withdrawing from Apex as a whole for the time being, but do not rule out a return. have contacted Team Liquid for further comment.

With the new ALGS Year 3 schedule now finally announced it seems an odd time to back away from Apex. It is not known if this wage offer was part of wider cutbacks. Several esports orgs have struggled financially - especially in Apex. In recent memory both Cooler and North have folded while in the Apex scene.

ALGS Year 3 looms

Importantly, the Pro League spot that Team Liquid occupy stays with the players and not the org - meaning that in theory this roster could continue as free agents. They are also still with Team Liquid for the time being.

However, this is undoubtedly a setback in their preparation for ALGS year 3. With third party tournaments so scarce org backing in Apex is really key - and the stress and pressure this decision will bring is sure to have an affect on the roster. This could prove an opportunity for another org to enter the Apex scene and instantly be a major contender in North America.

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