The super team has a super home.

Team Falcons are entering Apex Legends esports signing ImperialHal, Genburten and Zer0. This roster, already nicknamed the "super team" is the single most decorated and attractive Apex Legends roster in the games history.

It seemed apparent that a major organisation was sniffing around this roster when ImperialHal was clear to state that he was teaming 'with' Genburten and Zer0, rather than being announced as a DarkZero player.

Team Falcons join Apex ahead of the Esports World Cup

Team Falcons are one of the richest and largest esports organisations anywhere in the sector at the moment. They are a leading team in Dota 2, also competing in games like Counter-Strike.

They are one of the 30 Esports World Cup partner teams, and will hope that this stacked Apex Legends roster can land them a victory in Riyadh. Teams in the Esports World Cup are competing not just in individual games, but also in a 'Club Championship'.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Organisations that find success in multiple games will win additional prize money from an overall leaderboard. This initiative has seen several organisations return to, or enter Apex Legends. However, none have been as significant as Team Falcons and this is a huge moment for Apex Legends esports.

This deal seems long in the making

Connecting the dots, it seems that this deal was a long time coming. It has been reported that Sikezz found out about his DarkZero fate all the way back in March. Sweetdreams, in a tell all drama stream, said the truth about some issues concerning DarkZero would "come out in June".

It makes total sense that an organisation like Team Falcons would be keen to build an Apex team of this calibre. Their budget and stature essentially allows them to sign whoever they want. They have form for collecting and connecting star players from several teams in other esports.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Now, the question will be, can this roster live up to the hype? Both DarkZero and TSM had a large spotlight and great burden on them already. However, there will never have been such a weight of expectation on an Apex roster in the games history.

With a new ALGS POI draft system in place, and the usual variables and chaos that Apex Legends esports provides, there is no guarantee that the Team Falcons Apex roster will 'dominate' as their talent and achievements on paper would suggest.

With that said, this roster is the single most successful and decorated team the game has ever seen. They will have access to the best resources, outrank any other team on experience, and will have a huge swathe of fans supporting them when the Pro League kicks off this weekend.

If anyone can build a dynasty to follow TSM, it is the new Team Falcons Apex roster.

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