The new system will debut in ALGS Split 2.

The ALGS has released full details of how the new ALGS POI Draft system will work. This system will be in place for both the Split 2 Pro League and Split 2 Playoffs. However, the ALGS Challenger Circuit will not use this system.

Non-ALGS events (like the Esports World Cup) may or may not use this system. It will be up to each third party tournament organiser to determine if they wish to use this draft system or not.

Why did EA introduce the ALGS POI Draft system?

The ALGS state the aim of the new ALGS POI Draft system is "to even the playing field while challenging teams to adapt to different POIs and playstyles."

Previously, teams often landed at the same spots (sometimes changing per group in Pro League or at LAN) and specialised their game plan and playstyle around those spots. Some teams have held the same drop spots for several years.

Now, teams will have to be a lot more flexible. The days of having set rotates, knowing what other teams are likely to do and practicing relentlessly are over. This is a huge shakeup for the ALGS, and is likely to benefit newer teams more than established powerhouses.

In this draft system, two teams cannot draft the same landing location.

Draft Drop Spots

There are a range of several POI drop spots in the new draft system. Some of them are familiar, and others are perhaps places that you'd almost never land by choice.

image 1
image 2

While this system is designed to remove contesting in the ALGS. On Worlds Edge in particular, we may see engagements at Climatizer and Lava Siphon. Both of those drop spots have two draftable locations.

How does the ALGS POI Draft system work?

Here is how the ALGS POI Draft system will operate:

  • Teams will draft one of the pre-determined drop spots on each map, ahead of each Pro League gameday.
  • Teams can choose from either map when they make their first pick.
  • The POI Draft will be snake seeded, meaning 1st pick also gets 40th pick. 20th pick will get 21st pick, and so on.
  • In the Pro League, seeding will be random each week. However, all teams will get a balanced set of draft positions over the season. The sum of all draft positions will equal the same number for all teams at the end of the season.
  • In Regional Finals, the draft order will be decided based on their Pro League rank in the regular season.

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