With the Genesis collection released, we’ve come together and figured out our favorite skins from the event!

The Apex Legends Genesis event brought some absolutely beautiful skins alongside some important patch notes. The Genesis collection features an ensemble of 24 weapon skins, legend skins, banner poses and weapon charms. Collecting all of which grants the coveted Revenant Heirloom, a badass looking Scythe.

How to unlock skins in the Genesis Collection?

The collection contains 12 epic rarity items and 12 Legendary rarity items. Acquiring the items can be done by either purchasing collection packs for 700 Apex coins each or crafting items with materials (800 for epic rarity and 1800 for Legendary) . We've had a great debate about which skins are best, and so here are our top 5 skins in no particular order from each rarity from the new Genesis collection!

Epic Rarity Skins (Genesis Collection)

Pathfinder's Best Friend Skin

Pathfinder got this adorable skin in the Genesis collection and everyone loves it. Although the animated dog paws are a great selling point for the skin, the real star is on the back of our favorite Robot. A adorable dog resides on the back of Pathfinder and he's absolutely adorable!

Loba's Almost Too Easy banner pose

This banner pose is definitely one of Loba's better options for poses. The pose is a great animation of her stealing the camera. The pose ends with a nice close up that compliments a lot of the other banner frames.

The Hemlok's Cuteness Overload Skin

At first, the Cuteness Overload skin for the Hemlok creeped me out. However, as I picked up an weirdly obscene amount of Hemloks in my game with the skin, it grew on me in the best way. The bright colors and Nyan Cat-esque vibes from this skin make it a great skin.

Mechahorizon Gun charm

Our personal favorite item from the Epic rarity items. I am a huge fan of Power Rangers and Voltron, and so this gun charm is right up my alley. A mini Mecha to sit along side your favorite gun brings a huge smile on my face. On top of its design, the vibrant colors really make the charm stand out compared to other charms.

The Volt's Gold Scale Skin

With a vibrant but clean design for everyone's favorite season 4 SMG. The bright pink and gold combination looks beautiful rather than the usual "slick" motive that other Volt skins have. On top of that, the subtle Japanese styled Coy fish design that is weaved throughout the design also adds to the vibrancy of the skin. This skin scores major points for the uniqueness of the skin and the great color combinations included in the design.

The Legendary Rarity Items (Genesis Collection)

Revenant's Synthetic Shinobi Skin

With the Genesis event already showcasing Revenant with his heirloom, its only natural that he gets a badass skin in the collection. What is there not too love? A sinister, murderous robot shinobi outfitted with blades fits not only the Japanese theme of the collection but also Revenant's design as a whole. This skin is gorgeous and is so different that other more "slick" designs for Revenant that it scores major points.

The Sentinel's Beastial Instinct Skin

To put it simply, it looks like Mecha Godzilla shooting fire out of its mouth. Can we also mention the chamber of the gun, that light blue coloring brings the whole skin together. The distinction from other Sentinel skins also makes it our favorite sentinel skins ever released.

Horizon's Galactic Guardian Skin

Just like the MehcaHorizon gun charm, this skin mimics a Power Ranger/Voltron mecha which I find so cool and nostalgic. The skin itself is clean, with vibrant colors on her arms and legs that really stand out. It also scores some major points because the mecha horizon gun charm is just a mini version of this skin, which I find really cute.

I do wish however that her helmet could close. That said, I think some people would lose sight that it's Horizon. It is still a gorgeous skin nonetheless.

The Alternator's Combined Powers skin

In the same way that I love the Mecha Horizon and the Galactic Guardian skin, I love this power ranger inspired skin. With all the same colors that the other mech based skins include on top of the glowing lion head, this skin is beautiful. On top of that the tiny wheels on the barrel and stock of the Alternator really add to the whole mecha vibe.

Loba's Petty Theft Skin

To put it simply, this skin is clean. the dark blues and reds compliment each other well while still maintaining a thief design. The tech wear design also looks simple yet refined unlike the vibrant designs from the other skins. However, the coolest part of this skin is how it draws its design from the concept art of the Legend.

Although we've only selected 10 of the 24 skins that are in the Genesis collection, we love all the skins that came out in the collection. So, consider picking up a couple of the skins that you like and show some support for your favorite Legends. If you found this article interesting then check out our Apex Legends news section.