Apex Legends Genesis event is coming out soon. Join us as we break down the patch notes that come with the brand new event!

Original Season 1 King's Canyon will return

Respawn just came out with their new event themed around the past. The Apex Legends Genesis event brings some great new skins, a new heirloom, map changes and some patch notes to the outlands. Among the changes, what most players are looking forward to are the temporary map reversions. The original King's Canyon and World's Edge are coming back as map takeovers and everyone's favorite Skulltown has become an Arenas map. If you haven't played Apex Legends for a while, be sure to catch up on the best Legends via our tier list.

Among the great new content that is coming with the Apex Legends Genesis event, there are some great new legend changes. The changes on the Genesis patch are focused on quality over quantity. The changes are centered around some Legend adjustments, ability changes, weapon changes, arenas fixes and some bug fixes.

Legend Adjustments

Apex Legends dev responds to fans asking for Octane launchpad changes -  Charlie INTEL
Apex Legends dev responds to fans asking for Octane launchpad changes - Charlie INTEL

Revenant and Lifeline got some hitbox adjustments. With Revenant getting a thinner mid/low section and Lifeline getting a increase in size due to her naturally small stature.

Additionally, our favorite murder-bot Revenant got some buffs to his passive.

Octane's passive ability to climb was significantly increased, but unfortunately at the cost of his silence duration decreasing to 15 seconds.

Wattson nessy skydive emote! : apexlegends
Wattson nessy skydive emote! : apexlegends

Additionally, Wattson got arguably the best buff in Apex Legend History. She is now able to place more than one Nessie on the map with her emote.

According to the changes, on any given map there can be a max of 20 Nessies. Now, Wattson can place away until her heart is content.

Arenas changes

With Skull Town joining the Arenas playlist, there has been some changes to the game mode. First are some cost adjustments that include both guns, utility and legend abilities.
In terms of important gun changes:

P2020 upgrades got cheaper: 50 -> 25 / 125 -> 75 / 200 -> 150
EVA 8 got more expensive: 250 -> 300
R99 getting slightly cheaper: 550 -> 500

On the utility side of things, Arc stars and gold backpacks got more expensive. Lastly, Legend ability prices changed. Crypto, Fuse and Revenant's abilities got cheaper, while Lifeline and Bloodhound's abilities got more expensive.

Skulltown is back as teased on social media
Skulltown is back as teased on social media

Another change that came to the game mode in the Genesis update are 2 quality of life updates. First is the inclusion of a scoreboard feature (and a report feature, which I am thrilled about). Second is some map changes: Party Crasher's ring now is more favorable to the downtown area and Phase Runner's cover has been raised vertically.

Bug Fixes in Apex Legends Genesis update

The last important category of changes are some bug fixes. The most notable of which include changes to Horizon, Loba, Pathfinder and Valkyrie. In a sad turn of events, Horizon's tactical lost the ability to take Octane's launch pad or Caustic's traps to the heavens. Additionally, there have been passes of the maps to make sure that Loba can use her tactical properly, and that Pathfinder and Valkyrie can't get into unfair locations.

With the update around the corner, we are so excited to see how these changes affect the legends. Hopefully with these changes, some new legends can resurface to meta prominence! We mentioned in our Apex stats article that the competitive scene is dominated by Wraiths and Gibraltars, and so hopefully we see some upcoming changes.