NRG Rogue returned to ALGS and made an instant impact, helping Torrent to a top 3 finish in Pro League. This means that Torrent now have a good chance at securing playoffs,

The Apex Pro League returned for the second part of a quadruple gameweek weekend. After LAN was cancelled and replaced by a 20 team playoff, a much greater number of teams had something to play for.

This has meant that suddenly teams who thought their season was over suddenly have an opportunity they did not expect.

Heavy attention was on team ESA, who were debuting new signing Knoqd. There was also potential rivalry between this ESA team and NRG Rogue, who was subbing for Torrent. ESA decided to choose Knoqd over Rogue as their new teammate.

ESA lose top 3 streak with new signing Knoqd

It seemed to be business as usual for the ESA team, as they secured a clean opening game victory.

ESA have been the surprise package of the Pro League so far, holding down first place in the overall standings. They had never finished outside the Top 3 in any gameweek.

However, they have since lost star player Verhulstt to TSM.

How would ESA fare after losing Verhulstt?

Signs have been good for team ESA since his departure, winning the BFC Apex Cup and securing a 4th place in the Knights Carnage Cup with Knoqd.

However, despite their strong start they posted a disappointing result (by ESA standards!) on Saturday night, finishing 8th.

Saturday’s C vs D top 5:

  • G2 – 65
  • OXG – 59
  • TOR – 53
  • FURIA – 46
  • SEN – 46

See the rest of the standings here.

NRG Rogue helps Torrent to 3rd

The player that ESA passed over when choosing a replacement, NRG Rogue, made his return to competitive in Saturday’s games.

Filling in for RKN, who was getting married, NRG Rogue played alongside Rambeau and Eurice.

NRG Rogue is finally back in ALGS!

This substitution paid dividends, with Torrent securing their best result of the season.

They beat the likes of SSG, Sentinels and ESA into third place. They are currently sitting in the top 20, and are set to benefit from the extra 10 playoff spots that NA has. This came as a result of the removal of LAN.

NRG Rogue a natural on Gibraltar

NRG Rogue made a huge contribution to the team, with some fantastic Gibby plays. It included this monster Gibby Ult that helped secure them the Game 4 victory.

This victory was then followed by some very passionate celebration from the Torrent squad.

As NRG Rogue looks to return to the competitive scene, he will be pleased with his performance. Using a legend he does not ‘main’ and slotting right back into the top of the ALGS scene. NRG Rogue told his chat after that playing ALGS was a “great time”. Who will he be teaming with going forward?

Final day of Pro League on a knife edge

Tonight will see the final night of Pro League, with several teams fighting for playoff places, or to avoid the relegation spots.

Big names such as Team Liquid, 100 Thieves and Ghost Gaming do not have secure playoff spaces.

Even further down the leaderboard, will CLG be relegated? The roster has only secured one point in the whole of Pro League so far. If they do drop out of Pro League, you would expect CLG to look for a stronger roster. CLG is formerly the home to some of the very best Apex players, and has a strong winning record.

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