The ALGS Championship NA groupstage is over. NRG leads the pack, compLexity is out and C9 make a come back. We revisit the final day of groups with Falloutt.

The final day of the ALGS Championship NA group stage has come to a close, and the stage is set for the finals. Falloutt joins us once again to give us his thoughts and impressions on the final day of the group stage.

The group stage has ended and the stage is set for the ALGS Championship NA Finals on 13th June. The ALGS featured 40 teams in the new snake format, and only half made it through to the finals. Our very own Jon "Falloutt" Kefaloukos joins us once again to tell us his thoughts and takeaways from the group stage.

Falloutt's takeaways from the the final day of the ALGS Championship NA

1. NRG and TSM are in a league of their own

"NRG and TSM seem to be in their own S-tier right now, but there are other teams right behind them who can easily catch up".

This is in response to the sheer dominance of NRG and TSM during the group stage. Both teams respectfully scored 262 and 197 points over the 3 days. NRG consistently racket up tons of points throughout the 3 days.

On Day 2, NRG racked up 110 points, with 5 top 3 places and 10+ kill games (except for games 2 and 5). The closest other placement was MLP who, on the same day scored 98 points. TSM also had some great games, with relatively consistent high kill games.

2. Massive potential for impressive free trios to get signed

"The aspirational 'path to pro' for amateur or unsigned teams is alive and well in competitive Apex, perhaps more than any Esport. It has become a welcomed staple in competitive Apex Legends, resulting in a constantly growing competitive player base (with the exception of console limitations)," said Fallout.

"In a vast majority of Apex tournaments there are open qualifiers in which we constantly see new teams and players. These new teams and players are able to play at the highest levels of competitive Apex. Some players and teams even get signed to organizations. Some good examples of this are My Little Phony and G2 Esports who got signed in early June."

3. TSM's rampage in Game Four

TSM during game 4 went on a massacre. Placing first as well as getting 13 kills. TSM not only scored a ton of points, but they proved that aggression can pay off.

4. Cloud9's insane comeback

Cloud 9 came back from the brink of not qualifying to everyone's pleasure during day 3 of the group stage. At the end of day 2 C9 had 64 points, which put them in a risky spot of not qualifying. But during the last games, C9 pulled something out of the bag and ended up qualifying for the finals.

5. The Tragedy of Complexity - 22nd out of 40

"Complexity went from the being one of the most consistently dominating, S-tier teams to not qualifying for the ALGS NA finals begs the question: What's next for the sweetheart squad of Apex?," said Falloutt.

Team Complexity has been around competitive Apex since early 2019 and a fan favorite ever since they joined competitive Apex. Over the past 3 years, Complexity has been a staple in the competitive Apex community, placing top 5 in every tournament they've participated in. So, it was quite the shock to see that they were just shy of qualifying (only by 5 points).

Final standings of the ALGS Championship NA group stage

The ALGS Championship NA finals are shaping up to be some of the best Apex we will see all year. Unfortunately, only 20 out of the 40 teams who played in the group stage made it to the finals. But the quality of the games being played are only increasing. The finals follow the format to other Apex tournaments, where the top 10 seeds receive a small starting bonus for the finals.

At the top of the pack is NRG and TSM, who are closely followed by one of the few unsigned teams: My Little Phony. However, with how close in skill all the teams are, the finals will be an absolute blast. Look forward to our coverage of both the NA and EMEA ALGS Championship Finals.

Final group standings of the ALGS Championship NA (Image source: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Liquipedia</a>)
Final group standings of the ALGS Championship NA (Image source: Liquipedia)

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