ALGS Championships NA: G2 crush Day 1 with three back-to-back wins cover image

ALGS Championships NA: G2 crush Day 1 with three back-to-back wins

The ALGS Championships got off to a thunderous start in North America. Falloutt gives his thoughts on the biggest takeaways from Day 1.

The Apex Legends Global Series Championships have just begun and the games have been absolutely wild. With the total prize pool of the ALGS Championships residing at $2,580,590 USD, teams are playing phenomenally. The regions are separated and the top 40 teams of each region duke it out in the group stage.

Falloutt: "This Group Stage format for a Battle Royale is GREAT"

Standings after Day 1 (Source: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Liquipedia</a>)
Standings after Day 1 (Source: Liquipedia)

"Day 1 proved that this Group Stage format for a Battle Royale is GREAT - the competitive gaming team at EA outdid themselves again by putting together an exciting format that rewards the best/most competitive teams and brings the best out of Apex," said's Jon "Falloutt" Kefaloukos, who is one of the panelists of the ALGS Championships official stream.

The format for the ALGS Championships has been dubbed a "Snake format".

First there is the group stage which contains the top placing teams from each region. The 40 teams are then divided into 4 groups groups of 10, and each day a different groups face against each other. Once that's done, the top 20 placing teams then duke it out for the grand prize.

The first day was exhilarating to say the least. At the end of the day, the top leaders of the pack were G2 Esports with 92 points, NRG with 73 points and Team Liquid with 71 points.

However, even though some teams didn't score the highest, there were some beautiful moments and some high kill games. We've gathered some of the best moments from day 1 of NA and some of Fallout's thoughts on day 1 for your pleasure.

Falloutt's Takeaways from Day 1

NRG potentially creating a new dynasty in competitive Apex Legends

"NRG, in my eyes, has proved that they are a consistent S-Tier team in NA Apex alongside TSM , G2 and Team Liquid. They also have the potential to create a new dynasty in competitive Apex.

Additionally, NRG are showing a potential evolution in ideal team makeup. With two pure slayers: Nafen and Rocker and one clear in game shot caller: Sweet. This contrasts to the EMEA recipe of 1 slayer, 1 flex and 1 defensive or shot caller or TSM's 3 well rounded players who can all shot call".

As Falloutt said, NRG has been playing consistently well and placing well in high level Apex tournaments and this is no exception. During the first day of play, NRG placed top in their group with a couple wins and high kill games. Their team composition also encourages a new meta for team building as Falloutt describes, with 2 aggressive players and one shot caller directing movements and fights.

G2 on the rise and Valkyrie's impact underwhelming

"G2 Esports continues to perform great following a remarkable Winter Circuit, and in their debut under the G2 banner". G2 Esports blew everyone away with 92 total points. The closest other team was NRG who played well but only scored 73 points. With 3 back to back wins and consistent high kill games, G2 has decimated the competition during day 1.

"Valkyrie’s impact and ceiling in competitive matches is still to be determined as we didn’t see much Valkyrie success on the main stream, but Team Liquid found success in the side stream," said Falloutt.

With the release of Valkyrie, the Apex community was looking forward to see how she fares in matches. Unfortunately, she did not make the splash that people were expecting her to make. Her ultimate allows for great long distance repositions, however during day 1, the rotations didn't have the best of luck.

Best moments from North America Day 1 groupstage

A sneaky clutch from MLP's Fury

Game 1 finale. This clip is from My Little Phony's Fury clutching the very first game. After his teammates got downed, Fury managed to sneak above the last 2 squads fighting and clutch the game with his wingman.

NRG Nefen's beautiful g7 snipe onto TSM Reps

Another great moment was from game 2 with a absolute beautiful shot from NRG's Nefen. In the midst of the chaos of round 6's circle, Nefen manages to get a beautiful snipe on TSM Reps.

The start to G2 Esports' Rampage

Game 4 with groups C and D ended in a great third party from G2 Esports. This started their rampage of 3 back to back wins on World's Edge, with a consistent 10+ kills in each game. As the expert caster NiceWigg explains, this is picture perfect apex.

NRG Sweet's game winning clutch against RNG

The last clip we have is the beautiful end to game 5, where NRG's Sweet wiping RNG in a 3v3 team fight

We'll be covering both the North America and European ALGS Championships, so stay tuned on for all the latest Apex Legends news.