NRG are departing Apex Legends, the organisation has confirmed.

The organisation NRG are departing Apex Legends. Having been ever present in the game since its release, ALGS Year 3 is set to be the last time we see an NRG roster in competitive Apex.

The news has shocked the competitive scene. NRG were one of the largest organisations in Apex Legends and this departure will re-open the debate about revenue sharing in the game. In his video on social media, Sweet heavily implied that a lack of revenue sharing was a major factor in the decision.

Sweet also said their recent performances played a part. At the ALGS Championship the NRG roster finished a disappointing 15th place.

EA’s lack of support

On social media, manager Jaime posted a short statement.

“With the release of our team I can also confirm that NRG will not be fielding a roster for ALGS going forward. We feel EA/Respawn have not done enough to support orgs and made the tough call to take a step back.”

This means NRG depart Apex echoing comments made by organisations like G2, Liquid, Spacestation Gaming and Cloud 9.
Pressure will further ramp on EA for them to introduce some form of revenue sharing. It is heavily rumoured that NRG are not the only team departing the ALGS.

NRG had several iconic players.

NRG have always been an iconic brand in competitive Apex Legends. From Dizzy Mohr and Aceu to Frexs and Rocker, and more recently Nafen, Gild and Sweet. NRG rosters have always been among fan favourites.

Photo: EA/Joe Brady
Photo: EA/Joe Brady

NRG have always been consistently successful too. From a 2019 Twitch Con San Diego win, to a 2nd place at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. With the arrival of Sweetdreams in January 2021, NRG won the ALGS Winter Circuit playoffs. They have never won an ALGS LAN event, with their Split 1 second place being their best performance. In particular NRG had an incredibly strong track record in third party events during the last year.

NRG’s recent struggles

Their most recent roster had somewhat struggled in recent months however. NRG finished 15th at the ALGS Championship and there has been much speculation about the rosters future. Nafen revealed several issues with the team on a post-Champs Twitch stream.

Photo: EA/Joe Brady
Photo: EA/Joe Brady

Nafen claimed that the NRG Apex squad were struggling with team chemistry. Sweet was often much harsher on Gild than he was on Nafen. This was impacting Gilds confidence, which in turn worsened his performance.

What happens to Sweet, Nafen and Gild?

The departure of NRG raises questions about the future of the ex-roster. There had been a lot of discussion about the dynamic between Sweet and Gild following Nafens stream.

Having been released by NRG the team have announced that they will all continue to compete, but not together.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

The future of the roster is not totally clear, however expectations is that Gild is most likely to leave the roster. Two of the three players would have to compete together for the team to keep their Pro League spot.

Sweet confirmed he has had offers from various teams but that all members of the team are keeping their options open at this time.

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