Moist Esports have taken to NA like a duck to water.

Moist Esports won their first ever day of Pro League since relocating from APAC South over the summer. They saw off a very spirited performance from Legacy and GKS.

Legacy were denied the chance to win after they were involved in a messy Launch Site fight with Sentinels. Meanwhile GKS couldn't quite close out the final game win they'd have needed to snatch first place.

Moist Esports are firmly adapted to life in North America

In the last ALGS action before the major shift that Season 20 will bring, Moist took a large step towards LAN qualification. Freed up by no longer contesting Legacy on Storm Point, this felt like a vintage performance from Wxltzy, Gild and Emtee.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

In their only win of the day, Moist Esports perfectly cleared out the platform in front of Downed Beast. Their late wrap helped them secure a key position, as many teams were caught out by a unusual zone pull. The chokepoint between Checkpoint and Downed Beast claimed the lives of several teams, leaving Moist Esports spectating the carnage from afar.

Their was no real spectacle to their victory, they found themselves with just a lone Keon to beat in order to secure the first place. Truthfully, the game was won by Moist being one of the first teams to identify that this zone was not pulling into Checkpoint.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Moist Esports in great position for LAN

With the ALGS Pro League flying by, we are already rapidly approaching the business end of the season. Moist Esports took a big risk moving to North America. There are more LAN slots, but competition is intensely fierce. The fact that just 30 points separated first place Moist Esports from 20th place TSM at half time showed just how tight this region is.

However, Moist Esports have made a great start to their life in North America. They backed up their strong showing the last time group's A and C met and currently sit in third overall, with a match day less than the likes of LG and TSM who neighbour them in the standings.

Top Five

  • Moist Esports - 62
  • GKS - 56
  • Legacy - 55
  • FURIA - 52
  • DNOGaming - 45


XSET have had a very poor start to the ALGS Pro League. Mostly down to only chalking up 3 points, on the opening day, they languished all the way down in 23rd before the day's matches.

With such a talented team, it only seemed a matter of time before we saw XSET turn their fortunes around. While Koyful has been with XSET for some time, scrims are not ALGS and sometimes there are things that you can only work on as a team in this environment.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

XSET were improved today, but still weren't quite at their best. The 7th placed finish that they achieved could have been so much better. XSET were only five points shy of 5th, and 15 points from third. Their slight struggles to close out end games is still causing them problems.

XSET need to be one of the teams that adapt fastest to the shifts that many predict Season 20 will bring. There is a pretty short amount of time for teams to evaluate the new mechanics that the game introduces. On paper XSET should be pushing for Pro League titles. However, further improvement is needed to even secure a LAN place.