Sweetdreams heads up new look Luminosity Apex roster cover image

Sweetdreams heads up new look Luminosity Apex roster

It’s finally official.

Luminosity Gaming have officially announced their new Apex Legends roster ahead of the ALGS Pro League resuming. The organisation, that is among the circuit's partnered teams, have been without a signed team for several weeks.

Joining is Christopher "Sweetdreams" Sexton, Nicholas "Fuhhnq" Wall and Slayr. Nathan "Nafen" Nguyen will be a substitute on the roster. Sven, who was an analyst on the former NRG roster, is also making the move over to Luminosity.

Who is the new Luminosity Apex roster?

Luminosity are picking up a combination of the old NRG roster, and the Stallions roster. Retzi was replaced by Sweetdreams. Slayr and Fuhhnq found the opportunity to play with Sweet, backed by an organisation, too good to refuse.


Sweetdreams is undoubtedly the most well known player of this new roster. He is the equivalent of a household name in Apex esports, having competed at the top level since the game released. Sweet started his career with Rogue, before later moving to NRG.

Sweetdreams (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Sweetdreams (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

The 24 year-old is best known for his phenomenal in game leadership abilities. Sweet has a unique style of leadership in game. Crucially, he has a very accessible way of breaking things down for teammates. This has helped him find success in events like Twitch Rivals, where players compete away from their usual teammates. This should help ease the transition period for this new Luminosity Apex roster.

Sweet's best career results:

  • 2023 ALGS Split 1 Playoffs - 2nd
  • 2019 TwitchCon Europe Showdown - 1st
  • 2022 ALGS Split 1 Playoffs (North America) - 2nd
  • Samsung Odyssey Invitational - 1st
  • 2022 ALGS Championship - 9th
  • 2021 ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs - 1st
  • 2022 Twitch Con San Diego - 1st
  • 2020 GLL Masters Summer - 1st

With a record as strong as that, pressure always follows Sweetdreams. This new Luminosity Apex roster will be expected to hit the ground running and qualify for all three LAN events in ALGS Year 4.


Fuhhnq will not be known to anywhere near as many ALGS fans as Sweetdreams. The controller player started competing in 2022, but only properly joined the competitive scene at the back end of that year. He won an ALGS Challenger Circuit at his second attempt with team 'Bad Boys' in December 2022.

Teaming up with Teq and Xynew, he qualified for the second split of the ALGS Pro League in 2023. He averaged 1.27 kills per game across that second split, competing with team Meat Lovers.

Conduit (Image via Electronic Arts)
Conduit (Image via Electronic Arts)

He left Meat Lovers before the ALGS Last Chance Qualifiers, instead competing with Stallions. This roster, that has formed the core of this new Luminosity squad, was close to qualifying for the ALGS Championship. They finished fourth, agonisingly shy of the top two cut off.

Fuhhnq has long been considered a controller player with untapped potential, and this is a big opportunity for him to show ALGS what he can do. This will be the first time in his career he has competed under the banner of an organisation.


Slayr, another controller player, is also relatively new to competition. Like Fuhhnq, Slayr also started competing in 2022 and has only played one prior Pro League split. He found less success, averaging 0.46 kills per game.

Slayr has been around the Apex Legends scene long before he started competing. Although he has only streamed intermittently.

Perhaps even more than Fuhhnq, this is a huge opportunity for Slayr. This will be by far the most talented and stable team he has ever played on in his competitive career. Being able to showcase his talents under the guidance of Sweet, alongside one of his good friends in Fuhhnq all while being backed by an organisation.

Like for Fuhhnq, there will have to be an adjustment. Playing on a team like this brings pressure and expectation. A lack of competitive experience might be considered a hinderance, but the opportunity for two controller fraggers to learn from one of the games best in game leaders might mean a reasonably blank slate is actually an asset.

Horizon (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Horizon (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)


Nafen will be the most talented substitute with any roster across the first split of the ALGS Pro League. It's unclear where Nafen's future in ALGS lies at the moment, but no matter what, he has had a fantastic career to date.

Nafen and Sweet are one of the most iconic duo's in ALGS history, delivering great results with both Rocker and Gild. Signed to NRG for over three years, the 22 year-old has earned over $200k from competitive Apex Legends and sits amongst the games top earners.

Nafen (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Nafen (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

How might the new Luminosity Apex roster perform?

This roster seems to be a hard one to fully track. Neither Fuhhnq or Slayr have ever made a LAN, and they both have only one Pro League split under their belts. There is clearly potential between the controller duo, but potential is always theoretical until results are actually earned.

Yet, who better to unlock a players potential than Sweet? There has been a consistent trend in Apex Legends of controller players linking up with experienced IGL's and very quickly adapting to the top level of ALGS. Take Koyful, or Xynew as recent examples.

This team does feel like a risk for Sweet. He has never competed with players who have such little prior competitive experience. Rocker and Nafen were an established duo when he signed for NRG. Gild had already found LAN success with Team Liquid when he joined the NRG team too.

Sweet (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Sweet (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

However, if he can mould these two players into exactly what he is looking for this could be a true force to be reckoned with. The team is already showing impressive work ethic, and having something to prove could drive all three players onto a new level in the upcoming ALGS Pro League.

Battle for Lava Fissure might be make or break for Luminosity Apex roster

Perhaps a big factor into how successful the new Luminosity Gaming roster will be rests on Lava Fissure. Prior to this announcement, this roster has already begun contesting team SKRT for Lava Fissure.

This has been a big shake up for Sweet, who had always based his teams from Staging on Worlds Edge. Sweet had expressed a desire to change drop spots, and Lava Fissure is an excellent drop for teams that want to fast rotate, as Sweet often does on Worlds Edge.

Lava Fissure (Image via EA)
Lava Fissure (Image via EA)

The Jump Tower in the POI makes for strong rotations. You can chain up multiple towers to quickly access Thermal Station zones, which are tricky to get into.

If the new Luminosity Apex roster can lock down Lava Fissure, that will set them in great stead for their Worlds Edge games.

Sweet has also decided to leave Checkpoint for the new Zeus Station. That POI recently got a buff in the latest Apex Legends patch, with the huge Jump Tower faster to climb. This will allow for a strong flex playstyle on Storm Point. Sweet found a lot of success with this style at NRG.

Luminosity will hope to get off to a strong start on January 21, when the ALGS Pro League begins.

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