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Luminosity drop Apex Legends roster

Luminosity are parting ways with their Apex Legends roster.

Luminosity Gaming are parting ways with their Apex Legends roster, the organisation has revealed. Luis Enrique "Neazul" Ramos Suarez, Saul "YanYa" Ocampo Plascencia and Alexis "Jaguares" Martinez had been with the team since April 2022.

In that time, they delivered consistent and reliable performances, including a strong 5th place at the 2023 ALGS Championship. The trio, along with coach Steven "Pistillo" Rojas will stay together and seek a new org.

Their ALGS Pro League spot is tied to their roster, not Luminosity, meaning the team still have a guaranteed spot in the competition.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Surprise at Luminosity Apex decision

There was a very mixed reaction to the decision on social media. The Luminosity Apex team delivered some of the most consistent results across competitions in Year 3 outside of TSM and DarkZero.

They qualified for all three LAN events in Year 3. Additionally, they made the finals at every single event too. The roster has developed a fearsome reputation for their strong fighting capabilities, on par with any roster in the world.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Their 5th place finish at the recent ALGS Championship showed that the all Mexican team was on par with the best in the world.

Critics have been quick to point out that this decision could backfire for Luminosity.

Even Luminosity Apex content creator ShivFPS was shocked by the news.

Are Luminosity leaving Apex?

Sadly fans of the ALGS have become accustomed to organisations leaving the esport over this offseason. Thankfully, this is not the case with the Luminosity Apex division.

As one of the Year 4 Partner teams, they are receiving support towards the upkeep of their roster. This means they will likely be signing a new team ahead of the Pro League restarting.

Certainly, it would seem a bizarre decision to drop a team of this caliber without a replacement lined up.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Head of Luminosity speaks out

When approached Luminosity for comment on the decision, they referred to the statement posted on twitter by Head of Luminosity, Alex Gonzalez:

"The boys joined us nearly two years ago before any of them had ever played on LAN and they proved to not only us but the entire world that they have what it takes to play at the highest level and compete for championships. We had an amazing run and I'm looking forward to seeing them continue to reach new heights. Any brand out there would be lucky to work with them, hoping they find a new home soon."

Who might Luminosity's Apex roster be?

There are only probably three free agent teams that would feel like an upgrade for Luminosity. Even then, many would argue that Luminosity should have stuck with their current team.

Many are speculating that Luminosity might sign either the Dojo, ex-FaZe or Sweet, Nafen and their third.

We know that Sweet confirmed he has signed to an organisation and is working on an announcement video. So in that regard, the timing stacks up. Additionally, last nights Knights Gauntlet seemed to provide official confirmation that Lou will be the third player on this roster.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

That would make the team a very attractive proposition, especially in terms of viewership. All three of Sweet, Nafen and Lou have sizable followings and stream audiences. Fans tend to focus on results, but metrics are a becoming more and more important factor in these decisions.

Of course, Dojo also bring significant viewership. Although, iitzTimmy being signed to 100 Thieves as a content creator would probably prevent this move if Luminosity's focus is on metrics for things like sponsorships.

Stay tuned to for developments on the future of Luminosity in Apex Legends.

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