Luminosity earned 54 points in just 3 Storm Point games to wrap up their ALGS Pro League victory by half time.

Luminosity, the all Mexican roster, dominated Storm Point to win the 3rd day of the North American ALGS Pro League. They finished in the top 3 across all the Storm Point games and had the win wrapped up before Worlds Edge even entered rotation.

Elsewhere, it was a truly miserable day for two of the regions powerhouses. FaZe and Sentinels propped up the leaderboard in 19th and 20th respectively.

This third day of the North American Pro League saw groups B and C match together for the first time this season.

Luminosity win from Storm Point alone

If Storm Point was a kingdom, Luminosity would be the rulers. They absolutely dominated all three Storm Point games, making the top 3 every time and racking up big kills in the process.

By the end of the Storm Point segment of the days action, Luminosity had already earned 54 points. That would have secured them the victory regardless of Worlds Edge. They could have literally logged off, put their feet up and poured a drink—they'd still have won.

LG's Coach Pistillo at the ALGS LAN Sweden (Photo: EA)
LG's Coach Pistillo at the ALGS LAN Sweden (Photo: EA)

They use an ultra aggressive team set up. Perhaps being signed to Luminosity means you have to use Bangalore? ShivFPS would certainly be proud to see how the Mexican roster deployed Bang on Storm Point. Combining her with Bloodhound and Valkyrie, they are able to traverse open spaces and crucially combine smoke with scans.

That helps negate one of Bangalores biggest flaws. Luminosity don't rely on 'Digi' scopes and can instead use scans. Further, because almost every other team uses Seer or no scan legend at all—your smokes aren't getting counter by other Bloodhounds.

Digital threat scopes are a game changer

While Luminosity don't rely on those 'digi' scopes, they sure help. This strategy works especially well on Storm Point because you can get those scopes from armouries and spiders on days when they aren't in the crafter.

They showed just how devastating this can be right at the beginning of the game.

Knowing they have a visual advantage, Luminosity smoke into the building—destroying fences and creating that smoke screen. Then, they follow in and use their very strong mechanics to wipe Oxygen so fast that there is not even a major risk of being third partied.

This aggression and confidence is the main factor behind Luminosities over 10 kill per game average on Storm Point today.

On days where the 'digi' scope is in the crafter you might think Luminosity would do even better. But that might actually mean more teams have the means to counter their technique.

Luminosity lead top 5

  • Luminosity - 63
  • SZN - 50
  • ESA - 49
  • 100T - 46
  • BR Demonz - 42

Rough day for Sentinels and FaZe

Elsewhere, both Sentinels and FaZe were left licking their wounds after a bruising evening of Apex. Sentinels picked up just a single kill all day, and never even made it into the top 10 of a single game. FaZe, never even made it past 14th but were able to pick up two whole kills.

FaZe, who finished a very strong second on Thursday will be wondering exactly what went so wrong.

They were determined to prove that they could establish themselves as a top team - but instead will be heading back to the drawing board and reflecting on a truly torrid day.

For Sentinels, they appear to be falling into their old habits. They tanked their chance at qualifying for the Sweden LAN by contesting OpTic, and today they refused to give up Overlook, losing two contests to the Tripods. By the time they did move, it was understandable that they weren't quite focused and the damage was already done.

Lou from Sentinels was left watching on at the Apex Championship in Raleigh (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Lou from Sentinels was left watching on at the Apex Championship in Raleigh (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

It seems an age ago that Sentinels were dominating North America. They even won the first split of the Pro League last year. As it stands, they are currently set to be relegated to the challenger circuit. There is plenty of time to change that, but they will want to act fast.

Speculation is also mounting as to how long Sentinels will accept poor results. The trio of Lou, Crust and Senoxe haven't won a tournament since March 2022. The addition of coach Teq should buy them some time, but there is no doubt that the Canadian org will want to see improvement as soon as next week.

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