ALGS award Pro League spot to team ‘Oversleepers’ cover image

ALGS award Pro League spot to team ‘Oversleepers’

Set your alarms! The Oversleepers are officially in the Pro League.

Team Oversleepers will compete in the first split of the ALGS Pro League. A slot became free after Sweetdreams and the Stallions combined.

The slot was left to the discretion of the ALGS, technically meaning anyone could be invited to join the Pro League. However, despite discussion about teams like NickMercs and the Tripods getting the call up, Oversleepers always seemed the most likely choice.

They finished 5th in overall points across the Pre Season Qualifiers. ALGS have a history of choosing to award spare slots to the next best team(s) in overall points.

(Photo EA/Joe Brady)
(Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Who are the Oversleepers?

Oversleepers consist of Vodery, JP, and Charmander. JP and Charmander are former Splitgate professionals. JP played for T1 and Moist Esports. Charmander competed for eUnited. Both players found success in the game but later switched to Apex Legends.

Vodery has long been considered a future star of Apex Legends. This ALGS Pre Season was the first he has been able to compete in, having only turned 16 in the summer. He has previously played smaller events or substituted in for professional teams in scrims.

The Oversleepers performed well across the Pre Season Qualifiers, and probably would have qualified in the top four had they not faced some interference in the third qualifier. A team chose to land on them at The Wall to prevent them from winning. Even a slightly better overall placement that week would have seen them in the top four.

How did Oversleepers make Pro League?

Oversleepers were among the most consistent teams in the Pre Season Qualifiers. They made three of the four finals, and had a strong semi final performance in their first week.

The format of the qualifiers can make consistency hard to come by. There are hundreds of teams you can share a lobby with. Each of those teams has their own playstyle, legend set up and drop spot. This is different to the Pro League where teams are well versed on their competitors.

Oversleepers Pre Season Qualifiers results:

  • 25th - 26th (Week One)
  • 17th (Week Two)
  • 5th (Week Three)
  • 17th (Week Four)

Making three of the four finals was a significant achievement for the Oversleepers. They deployed a flexible team approach, with all of the players contributing towards gameplans. This helped them adapt drop spots and compositions to react to the different challenges in each round.

While they will be significant underdogs in the ALGS Pro League, this will be valuable experience for the team regardless of the results they achieve.

Sweet announces they will use NRG's slot

Additionally, Sweet has revealed that his new team will use the ex-NRG slot, and not the Stallions slot. Sweet will be teaming with Fuhhnq and Slayr, with Nafen on the roster as a substitute.

The significance of this is around groupings. NRG's performance across Year 3 earned them a high seeding. Sweet and the team will be in Group A as a result. They must feel that this a much more favourable group to be in.

Sweeetdreams (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Sweeetdreams (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

It is expected that the team will contest for new drop spots, which makes your grouping even more important from a tactical perspective.

What about the Tripods?

It always felt like a long shot that the Tripods would get a last second invite. Clearly, the team does have a big draw in terms of viewership. However, if that was a consideration the ALGS would have invited them during the initial wave.

Handing the slot back to Pre Season Qualifier overall points was by far the fairest possible outcome. It rewards teams who performed well, and means the ALGS don't have to specifically choose a team.

Should any other slots become available as rosters continue to settle, it seems likely that would also go to the overall leaderboard.

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