iitzTimmy is officially on his way to ALGS LAN.

iitzTimmy and Dooplex will both be heading to the ALGS Championship after the ALGS LCQ concluded. Across all five regions teams competed for two qualification spots to compete for a share of $2 million in Birmingham, UK.

This will be iitzTimmys first ALGS LAN appearance and concludes a miraculous run from the ALGS Challenger Circuit.

Elsewhere, GoNext have rebooked their slot at LAN winning the EMEA ALGS LCQ.

Dramatic final circle sends both DNO and Dojo to LAN

There was maximum drama in the final moments of the NA ALGS LCQ. Unbeknown to both teams, there was an outcome that sent both teams to LAN. DNO and Dojo found themselves in a direct 3 versus 3. DNO were in second on live points but crucially not on match point. Dojo could qualify with a win as they were on match point. Therefore, a Dojo win sends both teams to LAN while a DNO win extends the tournament.

Dooplex was punished for a risky angle, which ironically secured his side a LAN place. It will be Loustreams first ALGS LAN since 2019 and Dooplex's first LAN since Raleigh in 2022.

Dooplex  (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Dooplex (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

This mistake handed Dojo the victory, completing a miraculous journey from iitzTimmy through the Challenger Circuit. It was not that long ago that he was struggling to even get to the finals of the Challenger Circuit and his LCQ spot was hard fought. Now, he will finally get his chance on the global stage of the ALGS.

The pressure was on for Dojo after a blistering performance yesterday. While not quite to the same caliber, Dojo performed incredibly all day and were great value for their match point win.


  • Dojo - 73
  • DNO - 63
  • FURIA - 58
  • Stallions - 55
  • Secret Formula - 50

EMEA: GoNext and LCDF book Champs spot

In the EMEA region, it was GoNext and LCDF who secured their place at the upcoming ALGS Championship.


  • GoNext - 86
  • LCDF - 64
  • Entropiq - 64
  • Danish - 61
  • Vexed Gaming - 57

Four of the top five teams have appeared at one of the two LAN events already this season.

Slab of GoNext (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Slab of GoNext (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

GoNext took home the match point victory with an incredibly impressive final circle victory. It seemed like the corridor they called home was not going to be a game winning spot. Teams surrounded them in all directions. Yet, GoNext held their nerve and managed to avoid the focus of several teams. This was helped in part thanks to some misfortune falling upon Team Danish.

They had the best sightlines on GoNext but found difficulties climbing out of the spot they resided in. With team Danish reduced to just Bavis, Go Next had a much better chance of success.

There was some major heartbreak for team Entropiq, who missed out on a return to the global stage on a tiebreaker. Had they held onto just 15th place in the final game, they would have pipped LCDF to second.

LCDF will take this ALGS LCQ as a huge momentum shifter. A poor showing in the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs was compounded by a poor ALGS Pro League split directly afterwards. It's fair to say they have surpassed expectations by qualifying for the ALGS Championship. Now, they will look to perform much better than back in February.

Other regions

Elsewhere, there are more familiar faces returning to the ALGS LAN stage. The ALGS LCQ saw Crazy Raccoon and Northeption qualify from APAC North. APAC South will once again be sending MDY-White to LAN, joined by 'Inside the Ring'.

Finally, South America's only Champs qualified team will be joined by SAF Esports and K1CK.

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