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Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin is leaving the FURIA pro Apex Legends roster, again. The popular streamer and content creator announced in a stream on April 18th that he simply doesn’t have the passion to continue in competitive play, but will remain with FURIA as a content creator.

HisWattson, along with Ryan “ImMadness” Schlieve and Keon “Keon” Berghout, qualified for the 2024 ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in Los Angeles this May.

Why is HisWattson retiring again?

If this story sounds familiar, it’s because HisWattson actually retired once before back in July 2023. His reasons back then were the same as now. Essentially, HisWattson doesn’t feel that he has the correct mentals to play and support his teammates the way they need. Additionally, he stated that he couldn’t come up with a good reason to keep playing and that going back to content creation would be better for his mental health. 

"I was just tired of playing."

HisWattson on playing Competitive Apex Legends

In his announcement stream, the popular player confirmed that this decision was entirely up to him and that this is beneficial to everyone, including his teammates and FURIA as an organization. However, HisWattson also added that he will continue to stream Apex Legends and plans to play for eight hours a day. 

He then juggled for chat.

Who will play for FURIA at the Playoffs?

For the past few scrims since regional finals, FURIA players ImMadness and Keon were joined by Alan “Vaxlon” Gonzalez. HisWattson will not be playing with FURIA for the Split 1 Playoffs in Los Angeles due to his immediate retirement, but it seems likely that Vaxlon will continue subbing with the team. However, HisWattson expressed his confidence in Vaxlon and the team’s dynamic.

Vaxlon will likely join FURIA at the 2024 Split 1 Playoffs (Image via EA/Joe Brady)
Vaxlon will likely join FURIA at the 2024 Split 1 Playoffs (Image via EA/Joe Brady)

ImMadness and Keon were previously teaming with Vaxlon before they joined up with HisWattson, on team 'Already There'. The team were in great form before that decision, and will hope to pick up where they left off when they arrive in Los Angeles.

What will HisWattson do now?

It seems that HisWattson is returning to the content creation grind that he enjoyed before Split 1 of the 2024 Apex Legends Global Series. Since he confirmed that he is staying with FURIA, it’s likely that HisWattson will just continue what he was doing before, mainly grinding ranked and creating social media content. 

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