FURIA’s number one source of memes is retiring.

Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin announced his retirement from competitive Apex Legends earlier today on Twitter. However, he will remain with FURIA as a content creator. The pro player swept the 2022 ALGS Playoffs with his unique strategies and off-meta Legend picks, earning the Monster MVP Award at that event. However, the FURIA team recently performed disappointingly in Split 2 of the 2023 ALGS Playoffs.

Furia's HisWattson at the 2022 ALGS Playoffs Championship with his Monster MVP Award.
Furia's HisWattson at the 2022 ALGS Playoffs Championship with his Monster MVP Award.

In his announcement tweet, HisWattson addresses his recent mental health struggles and how they have impacted him as a player. He said, “I tried everything possible to make myself enjoy playing comp, but even when we were winning, I still wasn’t having fun.” He went on to say that being a content creator and enjoying himself on stream are what makes him happiest. He will continue to work with FURIA as a content creator and wishes the best for his teammates.

HisWattson also addressed that this retirement is not a knee-jerk reaction to FURIA's recent performance this weekend. Instead, he wrote that his heart hasn't been into pro play for some time now. Additionally, he wrote that it isn't fair to his teammates and fans when he can't give them one hundred percent of his effort.

"I wanted to move on before Split 1 even started and multiple times after but got convinced to keep playing every time."

Hiswattson on his retirement from pro apex

HisWattson receives support from his teammates

One of HisWattson’s teammates, Nelson “Xeratricky” Medina responded to the tweet with support. Xeratricky addressed that while this may seem like a rage quit, there is a lot more behind this decision. He wrote, “He loves to do content and loves to stream and just have fun, and that’s totally fine. There is no bad blood between pan and I and Wattson at all.”

The pro community reacts

Other pro players and the official FURIA Twitter account also replied with support to HisWattson’s retirement tweet.

There's no information on who will replace HisWattson on the FURIA Apex team after his retirement.

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